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  1. Thanks everyone for your help. I got some information from one of the deputies this morning that cleared everything up for me. It is a phishing expedition originating from inside my house. Saturday will be spent cleaning and delousing all the PCs. Thanks again for all the help provide.
  2. So that's the subject line. Thank you. No we wouldn't be doing that. Thank you for pointing that out. Much appreciated.
  3. Please excuse my ignorance but what is this report saying? Does this show who reported this and who sent it somewhere?
  4. Thanks for your reply Will. I appreciate it. I have contacted Bellsouth. I can't get a human on the phone and the email I sent a request for data replied with the following Gotta love that! Here's my problem. My server has been convicted and sentenced without it's attorney, that would be me, seeing the evidence or event getting to review the charges. Sorry, had to rant and rave for a second. Kinda frustrated. I would be willing to pay to get the report but all I see is a signup for ISPs. Maybe I missed it. One site did have some times that I was reported but I couldn't correlate it to my logs. I have a firewall and have configured it so that only the Exchange server can use port 25 outgoing. I am running 2000. Double-checked open relay. ordb.org says "Nope". Thanks again for your help!
  5. One of the Exchange server I tend is being on the list at spamcop, cbl, xbl, you get the idea. Anyway, I am looking for the details of why I am blocked. I would really like a "From:" and/or a "To:". Some kind of clue as to where to start looking. The IP address is I have scanned the Exchange server with all the recommended software. Checked all the reports for each site I am listed on, etc. Read the forums. You name it, I have read it, checked it or chunked it. Thanks in advance.