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  1. I am an ordinary user of Astound broadband in California; there are many of us. Our SMTP server is smtp.ca.astound.net cgbe-6.wavecable.com which is periodically and currently blacklisted by SpamCop. Whatever happened to "I'm opposed to the death penalty because we execute innocent people" ? I understand all of the arguments in favor of this analog to the death penalty, but in the end, this is thuggery, pure and simple. I'm not opposed to thuggery in principle; I'd love to see bounty funds to which I could contribute, paying off hackers to destroy spammer computers. But blocking thousands of innocent cable suscribers as a way of leveraging pressure on the parent organization? This should be controversial. If SpamCop doesn't actually intend this outcome, there should be a mechanism for verified identities, where after establishing who I am and my innocence, I can protest a blacklisting of my SMTP server, and somehow get mail through to my intended recipients. What are my options? I'm not sure who to pressure harder, now, Astound or SpamCop.