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    Spamcop reports with no information

    Thanks. I'm still confused why Trap wasn't 1 (instead of 0) in the summary report, but dra007's information will get me somewhere.
  2. k8ojMG4qc

    Spamcop reports with no information

    We are not currently blacklisted, which is good. But the spontaneous appearance of enclave in the summary report (with all 0s, which is additionally confusing) lead me to suspect some sort of reported incident. If it was a mole report, the mole column should be > 0, shouldn't it? Yes, I (and others) read the pdx.edu abuse contact each day. I am aware of the 2004 incidents, but that hardly seems relevant now. To access "history" of this report -- which would give me the information I need to do something about it (?) -- I would need to pay Spamcop money?
  3. k8ojMG4qc

    Spamcop reports with no information

    fair enough then...
  4. I have received a "[spamCop] summary report" from sc-smtp1-bulkmx.soma.ironport.com seeming to claim that a mail server under my control is sending spam: Contrary to the Spamcop FAQs, there is no "tracking" URL provided. I have checked the abuse contact as registered with whois and at abuse.net for our domain and this summary report is the only email received (from Spamcop). I created a Spamcop ISP account and looked up the IP address only to be given the following information: ... which is not helpful at all. Where or how can I find at least rudimentary information (sender/recipient, timestamp, message-id) about this incident?