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    False Positive

    What are "misdirected bounces"? Do they have something to do with autoresponders?
  2. odysseus183

    False Positive

    It happened again, this time with mail14e.g14.rapidsite.net [] http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&...=
  3. odysseus183

    False Positive

    We do not have any autoresponders configured. I checked again this morning to confirm. Verio hosts our web and our email for us. I don't know the difference between hosting and "smart" hosting. In our email programs, the POP3 server is specified as bosssystems.com and the SMTP server is specified as smtp.bosssystems.com. These both map to the same IP address, Rapidsite is part of Verio. From reading the link posted by DavidT, I gather that: 1. Verio is at fault. 2. There is nothing I can do about it except report the problem to Verio and/or get a new provider. Is this about right? Aaron
  4. odysseus183

    False Positive

    Verio provides both our webhosting and email.
  5. odysseus183

    False Positive

    Hello, My company email was being blocked last week by spamcop. The block has already expired, but since this happens on occasion I thought I would look into it. Apparently, the block was put in place because some spam was sent from one our ISPs (Verio) email servers, This is not our email server ( and the spam did not come from our domain (bosssystems.com). The spam was reported to the usenet group news.net-abuse.sighting: http://groups.google.com/group/news.admin....bea49bb805c52f2 Am I missing something here, or is our company being penalized by something that does not have anything to do with us? Is there a way I can avoid this in the future? Aaron