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    All sorts of botnet activity these days

    My account has now been re-enabled, and I'm able to report spam again. Many thanks to all those folks at SpamCop who often must spend long hours fighting the bad guys with few thanks and little or no compensation.
  2. epgeek

    All sorts of botnet activity these days

    I must be in the first group because I am not using an "automatic reporting" scri_pt. Nor am I batching my spam. I truly have not reported more than 4 or 5 spam over the past week.
  3. epgeek

    All sorts of botnet activity these days

    I just received the following message from spamcop: In the 24 hours starting Wed Mar 3 06:06:04 2010, you have submitted over spams for processing, which exceeds our daily submission limit. No more submissions will be accepted. Your reporting account is disabled. Please reply if you are reporting spam in good faith and feel your account should be reinstated. Was this a result of the "botnet activity"?? I have only submitted a couple of spam in the past week. So what gives???
  4. epgeek

    Nigerian and United States of American

    How can you tell if a gmail address is still functional w/o actually sending a message to that address? I'm getting a ton of 419 scam email, and I report them when they are gmail, live, or another semi responsible email outfit. However I am never sure if they really close the account, and would like to know a simple/safe way to check on it to see if its still "functional"???
  5. Seems like over half my submissions are getting the error: "Can't continue parsing. DNS server error. Try to refresh this page later." After resubmitting several times the report actually gets parsed, and I'm able to submit it. The most recent spam report received the same slow treatment, and after several refreshes it went as: spam report id 4320591100 sent to: abuse[at]vmobile-nigeria.com spam report id 4320591103 sent to: abuse[at]mtnnigeria.net spam report id 4320591107 sent to: abuse[at]vgccl.net spam report id 4320591108 sent to: abuse[at]sky-vision.net spam report id 4320591109 sent to: abuse[at]mtnns.net spam report id 4320591110 sent to: postmaster[at]mtnnigeria.net Is this a system problem? Have the spam scumbags found a new way to confound the system?
  6. That fixed it. Thanks for the prompt reply!
  7. Just this morning I started getting only one blank form for the reporting of the entire spam versus the old form that offered separte header and body forms. Is this just a temporary glitch? Did I click something by mistake? or is this the new form that must be used? I will admit that I am using Outlook2000 and so was manually submitting the header separately as opposed to using an add-on. For various reasons, I am reluctant to add anymore addons to my system.
  8. epgeek

    incorrect url parsing for report

    My KNUJON report also shows about 67% of my spam classed as "no action". I think KNUJON owes an explanation as to why that is?
  9. What happened to the forum shortcut that used to live under the "HELP tab" on the Reporting page? I used to pop over to the forums when I was on the Reporting Page by clicking on HELP and choosing forums. Now the only way to get there seems to be to click on HELP and then doing a SEARCH for "forums". There must still be a quicker way???
  10. Many thanks for the above replies. They were very informative, and yes my submitted parser report was generated by one single piece of "Internet spam".
  11. It seems that my parser reports have been growing in recent weeks so that a recent one looks like this... spam report id 3938410829 sent to: royir143[at]hotmail.com spam report id 3938410856 sent to: atmaniaul[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410865 sent to: jcgonzales[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410869 sent to: lbsoriano[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410884 sent to: riresurreccion[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410890 sent to: ssmiguel[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410903 sent to: pwalbino[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410941 sent to: wasison[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410952 sent to: rrdelavega[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410964 sent to: vrortiz[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938410981 sent to: nctabernilla[at]pldt.com.ph spam report id 3938411053 sent to: abuse[at]ns.chinanet.cn.net spam report id 3938411077 sent to: postmaster[at]mail.jhptt.zj.cn spam report id 3938411096 sent to: antispam[at]dcb.hz.zj.cn spam report id 3938411115 sent to: anti_spam[at]mail.jhptt.zj.cn spam report id 3938411136 sent to: anti-spam[at]ns.chinanet.cn.net /dev/null'ing report for postmaster#cnc-noc.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net spam report id 3938411165 sent to: postmaster[at]china-netcom.com spam report id 3938411204 sent to: abuse[at]cnc-noc.net spam report id 3938411265 sent to: abuse[at]china-netcom.com spam report id 3938411284 sent to: abuse[at]cta.cq.cn Is this the result of "fast flux"? If not what does this represent? Are there "innocent" parties represented in this chain, or are they all knowing collaborators? Does this come exclusively from China or are other countries participating? Does SpamCop get feedback from these spam reports sent to abuse[at] addresses? I know that the moderators are busy with real problems, and that is why I posted this question in the Lounge.
  12. epgeek

    Global Initiative needed

    Maybe this individual(s) is looking for free marketing and certification of their "good" intentions by spam Cop? or maybe its just words that their legal staff will used to prove their legitimacy when hauled into court? Its obvious that these folks feel that they can get by with just about anything these days.
  13. Saw a recent story in the news that the Chinese want to clean up the Internet. See http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/01/0...rnet/index.html ...per the story, the Chinese are asking other governments to assist their efforts clean up "porn sites". How hypocrital considering most of the spam I receive is advertising Chinese "erectile dysfunction sites" with some real porn subject lines. Now would be a good time for the authorities in the USA and other countries to ask for Chinese cooperation on the elimination of spam sites??? but I'm sure that it will be an opportunity lost because too many greedy people/companies are afraid of offending China.
  14. epgeek

    CastleCops closes

    I always thought CastleCops did a great job working to stop the Phishing Spammers. In fact all my phishing spam that spoofed real banks disappeared when I started reporting it to CastleCops. Why their sudden demise?? They will be sorely missed as I can think of no more effective spam fighter!!
  15. epgeek

    How do you report scams from @live.com ??

    In my original post I was referring to the "respond to address" that was contained within the body of the email as opposed to the "return address" on the email, which I assumed to be bogus. When I tried to send all relevant info to abuse[at]live.com (including Internet Header, body, attached copy of the original, etc.) I received the dreaded mailbox not found. It took some tracking on my part to find that I could forward this info to abuse[at]hotmail.com and that Microsoft was responsible. Stupid me, I would of thought that mighty and righteous Microsoft would have kept this up to date?? Also I was referring to a "419" scam which I guess wrongly assumed was just another form of phishing scam. I just received a couple more of these emails today offering free money if I would respond to somecrook[at]live.com ... I also get these scams from gmail, yahoo, etc. but these others all seem to support an abuse address.