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    Multiple Forwarding emails?

    Thanks for the info. I will just have to setup another forward on my email provider. Thanks, -Mark
  2. I was wondering in the forwarding options for my spamcop email can I list 2 email accounts I would like it forwarded to? I would like to forward it to my main email box as well as my Blackberry email address? I didn't if I could just separate 2 addresses with a semi-colon or comma. Thanks, -Mark
  3. mchilders

    Spamcop is slow processing mail

    Thanks, I caught that and edited the post. -Mark
  4. mchilders

    Spamcop is slow processing mail

    Hi, Thanks for the repsonses. With your suggestions I looked at the headers. I saw a delay at my provider with the forward after the message was received. I sent a trouble report to them. Now things seem to be routing very quickly. Although, I haven't received a response from them as to the problem yet. So all seems to be well now. My only concern when I was trying to do the original trouble shooting was when I tried to send a test message to my spamcop.net mail account. That too was slow to arrive at that time. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the message to look at the headers. But thankfully, everything is working very well now. Thansks for the help. -Mark
  5. I am a new to spamcop. But over the last few days I haven't been reliably receiving emails. I have my email forwarding to my Spamcop.net account then then I have it forwarded back to my Email Shadow account. It is taking forever to get mail through. I have been sending some test messages and if I send directly to my shadow account I receive them instantly. If I send to my forwarded account or my Spamcop account it can take anywhere from 30minutes to a few hours or longer to reach me. I have temporarily stopped forwarding until I see a better processing time. Any ideas as to the slow down. I didn't notice this til yesterday. But it might have also occurred last week. Thanks, -Mark Childers