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    Beta Test New Webmail

    Thank you! Can you add back in the alt-e to erase the trash folder contents, too? I realize that you do this automatically after so many days. But, if we do it ourselves that reduces your resources utilization. -er
  2. earlerobinson

    Beta Test New Webmail

    The two shortcuts that have been completely eliminated are: alt-g, to logoff, and alt-m to go to the held folder. -er
  3. earlerobinson

    Beta Test New Webmail

    Nothing is worse than changing hotkeys that are already well established. The new version as done away with alt-g to logoff. Now one must click with the mouse. Similarly, alt-m no longer moves to the held folder. One can do alt-l, h, CR, more keystrokes. Why? The alt-b, to return to the folder in which one was is gone, too. An alt-i will work to return to the inbox but that doesn't help for the held folder, which now requires 3 key strokes rather a single one. Finally, alt-e launched the erasure of the messages in trash and that shortcut has disappeared, too. Oh yes, the older way of checking all messages has been changed for no good reason at all. -er
  4. earlerobinson

    Beta Test New Webmail

    Thank you. There is one major error in those shortcuts: Alt-e erases messages in the trash folder, not Report. -er
  5. earlerobinson

    Beta Test New Webmail

    I like to navigate with the keyboard as much as possible. I note that with the new beta software that alt-m no longer takes me to held mail. Also, alt-g no longer logs one off and I see no other shortcut for this. I'd also like to see more keyboard shortcuts, such as marking all the messages with a single keyboard shortcut. Finally, a glossary of available shortcuts would be much appreciated. -er