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    Seems like more spam now

    thanks for the replies, i agree that the isp's should and could do more, 2 of my e.mail addy's were from 2 diferent sites i have, the spammers were using sales at,enquiries at, etc etc. my first hour of every morning was to wade through all the spam , i dont open them i use mailwasher to get the headers and then copy/paste to spam cop, i have closed down the 2 sites e.mail accounts which has stopped a lot of junk but i still get over 100 every day in my normal e.mail.i appreciate the fact that once your on a spam list then that list will be resold to other pondlife. i am moving to a new isp so once my new e.mail is in place then i will hide. thanks
  2. nomad

    Seems like more spam now

    same with me, i report a small amount to spam cop then got bombarded with spam, its got so bad now i am setting up a new e.mail and will hide myself away from spammers, nothing gets done, in fact i checked a few reports and they said ignore spamcop reports !!! i really wanted to fight these time wasting tossers but spamcop doesnt work , maybe due to the fact that one of the spammers took ironport to court ? if this isnt the case then please answer this question " why is it when we report spam we get an increase ? surely if we report it correctly then the spammers will be stopped and our e.mails free from spam ? its not the case . i leave and never report any more spam for fear of floodgates being opened once more. thanks nomad