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  1. Hello folks. I seem to have a problem with your service: since a couple of days, all the mails I am sending to a customer get bounced with the following message: -----Original Message----- From: Mail Delivery Service [mailto:postmaster[at]iol.it] Sent: martedì 9 marzo 2004 13.44 To: xxx[at]iol.it Subject: Delivery Status Notification - These recipients of your message have been processed by the mail server: xxx[at]xxx.hr; Failed; 5.3.0 (other or undefined mail system status) Remote MTA s3.pro-futura.com: network error - SMTP protocol diagnostic: 501 5.7.1 <xxx[at]iol.it>... Sender refused by the DNSBL bl.spamcop.net ------------------------------------ My mailserver is mail.iol.it, whose ip is, and it doesn't seem to be on your blacklist. I thought it could have been MY OWN ip on your blacklist, but it wasn't either. Can you please tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks in advance.