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    We have: 2 horses, 40 chickens, 2 dogs, 3 cats.. see my website!
  1. Loex

    Funny Email

    What happened then? (not curious at all )
  2. Loex

    Stupid reporters

    I wonder why most messageboards/forums do not have an unsubscribe option. I believe this one doesn't have any either. You have to email an admin and ask (beg ) him of her to delete your registration. So if they are mailed via a board this could led to overkill spamreports? And before you know it you -as a board owner- are blacklisted?
  3. Loex

    blacklist threats, help!

    Thank you very much Miss Betsy. I will take it up with the deputy.
  4. Loex

    blacklist threats, help!

    For years I've reported my spam to Spamcop. I hate spam! And now I'm blacklisted myself! I have the same probs as matthewuw and Ishtar. I use IPS www.deheeg.nl where my domain www.schutters.net is hosted. Since this morning several ISP's refuse my email: http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? My ISP says the header given as example of my "spam" on the link mentioned above is not a header they use? Well great, but I'm in deep sh*t since my email gets refused. My pc is free of virii and trojans AFAICS and no webmail used, no mailinglist used or mailscripts on my part of the serverspace. I've read the pinned articles, but they do not bring me any further and it's too technical for English is not my native language What can I do next? Thanx Loex