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  1. Odds are that whoever you moved to... Apparently apollohosting.com, has you on a shared e-mail server. What this means, and is really not answered in the link that was provided above, is that not only you, but hundreds, if not thousands of other people use that e-mail server. And if ONE spammer is there and apollohosting doesn't deal with them promptly, then ALL of you get blocked by those who choose to use the Spamcop blocklist. That is unfortunate, but the only way to deal with irresponsible ISPs/Hosting Providers. Talk to Apollo and get them to dump the spammer. -OR- find another ISP that does not tolerate spammers.
  2. Labonte

    Why have I been blacklisted?

    So far as I can tell, you have not been blacklisted... How would HE know you have been listed? I think your ISP is using the SCBL and his message to YOU was rejected. If YOU were listed, you would get a bounce message telling you that your message was blocked due to being on the SCBL. And, of course.. There's the whole thing about Spamcop not blocking your e-mail, but the receiver of the message utilizing the blacklist to block messages.
  3. I noticed a few things that people had mentioned about the new forums here, and just in an effort to help out... Here is some information... 1) Spell Checking - There is a spell checking mod available, and it is VERY easy to install. http://mods.ibplanet.com/db/?mod=1678 2) Posting a link does NOT require the use of the "http" button above. So long as you type the full link, such as http://www.spamcop.net. I think www.spamcop.net does NOT work, but the first does. You can do link "renaming" using the http button, such as Spamcop Homepage 3) Quoting is very useful, not only in quoting a previous message, but also to set something apart. For example, instructions... Use the quote button. In general. This can be a far easier way for the modern computer ninny to get a question asked and answered. In all honesty, Usenet is a geek domain nowadays. It is very difficult for the average user, and the average user doesn't even know it exists, much less how to access it. Oh... And 5) You can EDIT YOUR POST. If you forget something.. There's no need to post another message.