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  1. I am having a similar situation. Three of my web-hosting Ensim servers has been listed multiple times recently. We are getting no reports on this--SpamCop used to provide a sampling in the RBL listing query of what got you listed. Is it really asking too much for SpamCop reps to answer their emails in a timely manner? I have sent three requests asking for help over the past 5 days, and have gotten zero responses from them. So much for their 24-hour response time. We use SMTP authentication, we've installed mod_security to reduce the likelihood of scri_pt exploits. All I'm looking for is some manner to identify what type of exploit has occurred and possibly which domain it originated from. Can a SpamCop rep please respond to this thread (or better yet, my emails) so that we know that you are alive and well and actually looking at this stuff? Otherwise, if these types of delays (over 5 days and still no reply) are going to be likely, then I ask that you allow us to delist immediately more than once...or reduce the amount of time it takes to delist automatically. My boss is breathing down my neck wanting to know what I'm doing about this, and all I can tell him is that I've already contacted SpamCop three times already, but haven't heard a thing back. Needless to say, he is not amused. Please, I require a response--some sort of acknowledgment--ASAP. Moderator Edit: I find it astounding that thie entire first post of the Topic starter on someone else's issue was quoted in full .. at the end of the Discussion that had much research, data, and answers provided ... yet this "query" offered up exactly zero details on just what was impacted in this "similar problem" .... as none of the follow-on posting to "this" query has any relationship to the specifics of the original Topic .. this post and subsequent discussion were split out into its own Topic/discussion.
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    Multiple IP addresses on the BL

    First off, my sincere thanks for the assistance. If I understand what has been said to this point, the most we are guilty of is sending out erroneous mailer-daemon crap responses, right? (Sorry, but I'm working on very minimal sleep right now, and adrenaline is in short supply, as is caffeine.) Secondly, each email message I sent was extremely detailed...and cordial. However, I get a little frustrated when I spend my precious time banging out a lengthy, detailed message and get nothing in return. With all due respect, I'm here because I give a damn, and want to do the right thing. It would have been nice if they could have posted a notice on the website that said "We are experiencing a high volume of email at this time, and will be unable to meet the 24-hour response time until further notice." Something to that effect would at least tell me it's going to be a while. In other words, don't give me the expectation, if you aren't able to meet it. I can be extremely patient when I am dealt with in an honest and forthright manner, and given honest and realistic expectations. In fact, I didn't fly off the handle when I was met with silence the first time; I can understand that everyone is overworked--hell, I'm one of them. However, when I submit multiple subsequent requests for assistance, have a bunch of customers hounding me because they cannot send email, and my boss is getting ticked at me because I cannot make someone respond to my inquiries, I admit that I tend to get a little cranky. :wink: So, why didn't I include my details in my original post? Well, since four emails of details didn't get me any results, I thought I'd wait until it became obvious that I would get the assistance I was requesting. That said, I would like to offer my apologies for my earlier rant. Like I said, to essentially waste a couple of precious hours on detailed messages while there are other fires to put out and tens of projects to accomplish, had me frustrated to no end. I truly appreciate everyone's assistance heretofore despite my failure to put my best foot forward. If I offended anyone, I am truly sorry.
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    Multiple IP addresses on the BL

    I used the contact form, and the last time, I used two different contact forms. Two of the IPs are no longer listed (for now), but I'm concerned they will get re-listed, so I'd still like to see what I can find out about them as well. IPs in question are: Thanks for your help,