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  1. Thanks everyone, your posts made me double check everything. There was a misunderstanding between me and a collegue over whether qmail had had it's queue cleared. It hadn't and I assume it has been happily sending the rest of the spam in it's queue even though it was no longer relaying new mail - my qmail knowledge is poor I'm afraid so any comments on that would be welcome. The queue is now clear and is being watched *very* carefully so I think the situation is resolved. Thank-you to everyone who has helped us to resolve this issue. If anyone has any thoughts on anything we might have overlooked they will be read closely, we don't want to be sending spam any more than you want us to!
  2. Thank-you very much for the reply, and taking the time to investigate. From our point of view a day longer on the blacklist is pretty minor compared to a still compromised server, so your reply is reassuring and I'll wait and hope that the issue is resolved. I saw the request delisting option, but the "you can only do this once" warning scared me off I don't want to try anyone's patience since the ban is not life or death as long as it's short! Thanks again for your trouble.
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with a question. I apologise if it's been asked before - I couldn't find anything while searching the forum. We discovered our server on was SpamCop's blacklist last Wednesday. Unfortunately it turned out we did have the server configured to act as an open relay, and it was being used to send spam. We belived we had resolved the issue and by Friday we were no longer blacklisted. Came into work today (Monday) and checked the IP on SpamCop, and we are blacklisted again. The initial ban was from user reports. The current one is user reports and 1 spamtrap. My question is, is it possible that the latest ban is still from the spam we were relaying previously, that have just taken a few days to be reported, or is it likely that we have a further problem? Thanks for reading. Michael