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  1. Hi, I have tried a few times to register an email address (or a domain, to be specific) in my mailhosts list, however it always failed me. It always says like this: Note: the wx.... are my real email ID; I hid it intentionally (I'll reveal that later if necessary). I guess I kind of know what the problem is, but I can't solve this without the help of spamcop folks. The mail server on my campus was just equipped with a kind of "spam hump". It seems to me that this requires the sending party to "retry" the sending a few times for the first (few) email(s). Once that party/domain becomes trusted, it would remove this "retry" phase. (This sounds like what softhome.net tried to implement a while ago--which I hated very much.) The logic is that spammer engines would not do that due to the high cost of the retrying; but I guess now even the spammers do that too? (CMIIW). Now unless I get help, I would not be able to register that email address/domain. And this means that I can't do mailhosts, since all my emails from other accounts are delivered to this wm.edu account. Could anyone please...help me? Thanks, Wirawan
  2. OK. I have retried a few times, something like 3-4 times. It was painful, but it worked. Thanks Steven for the suggestion! Wirawan