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  1. Am I missing something? Isn't this the injection point? Received: from dsl-207-112-109-251.tor.primus.ca ([] helo=YOUR-97FD25D54E) Paul
  2. Steve, I've read that post and don't know what else to tell you. I can't provide the spam in question as we believe the user is tripping a spam trap. All I know is my mail server is listed in SpamCop. The mail server in question is referenced by this spam Cop report. I guess the frustration comes from SpamCop's desire to reduce spam and then sitting on their "high horse" and not providing people like me and my team the information they need top stop it. I can understand why they don't want to let people know for fear of people starting to know the spam trap email address'. So on the one hand SpamCop wants to reduce spam, on the other hand their silence is actually causing more spam. Our cluster of mail servers sends out hundreds of thousands of emails a day. Checking our outbound logs for "suspicious activity" is like trying to find a you know what in a hay stack. We already track messages by count for every IP and every user in our network, similar to Senderbase but our own system. This is part of the throttle I mention in my first post. However as we're talking spam trap address' a user could send 10 messages/hour and still get us flagged on the Spamcop DB. My sales team, marketing team, technical support and customers don't care about the fact that the ISPs blocking us for using SpamCop in too strict of a fashion aren't using it as designed isn't their concern. To them this is my problem to fix but without a two way street between SpamCop and my team this isn't fixable. So how do I find one spammer in 200,000 users with no information at all? How are other ISPs preventing themselves from getting blacklisted? An ISP could never EVER prevent spam entirely, anyone who thinks so is dreaming. So how do I prevent getting blacklisted if I can never get rid of all spam? Paul
  3. I'm the manager of the engineering group for a majorish Canadian ISP. I hate spammers. It seems that one of my 200,000 users is spamming. We have numerous spam prevention system in place. We have a throttle that prevents users sending out massive amounts of email. This is set very low. However we still find outselves getting blacklisted by SpamCop. My only guess as to why this is happening is that the user(s) that are spamming are doing so at a low volume, and trip a SpamCop spam trap email address. What I would like to know is how is this preventable? I'm being told by SpamCop that 1 of my 200,000 users is spamming. How on earth can I possibly find them if they're sending a low volume of spam and they hit the spam trap? SpamCop won't answer phone calls and for fear of divulging the spam trap address won't tell us the time and date of the sending user, basically they won't tell us anything other than "one of your 200,000 users is spamming." How are other ISPs getting around this blocking? I run the engineering of an honest ISP that honestly doesn't want any spammers on their network. I want to find these people and run them off my network. Basically I want what SpamCop wants, I want to stop spam. However I can't do that with some help. Someone somewhere must have some suggestions. Regards, Paul