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  1. Cautiously I'm fine with the change of removing the webmail system. My problem with the proposal is that the reporting is WAY better in the webmail system and viewing the "held email" is also much better in the webmail system. Can this be improved upon on the main spamcop page? Maybe make the viewing and reporting of held email a little less clunky?

  2. Hi, digilect,

    ...Not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps, but I'd suggest you look at SpamCop Forum entry "IPhone setup with new o/s 4.0.3." If the solution there is not what you are after, I would refer you to my reply in that topic (you may wish to substitute "ipad" for "iphone"). If nothing there looks promising, the next stop I'd suggest would be to look at the SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of every SpamCop Forum page) items labeled "How do I submit spam via email?" and, if needed, "-----> Submit address - what is and where to find it."

    Thanks for the reply Steeve,

    I did all the requisite searches before I posted here, nothing came up that was on topic. Unfortunately I think I wasn't clear in my post about the problem. I could set up spamcop as my primary email I suppose, currently I am forwarding everything to Gmail. With that said, you cannot (or I have not found a way to) forward messages "inline" which is necessary for reporting. As you mentioned, this would have been the next natural course of action to try, and I did so long ago. You also cannot reveal the headers or view the raw message in the mail application or in Safari. If you use a browser that masks the fact that it is on a mobile device and manage to reveal the raw message, it then is impossible to copy that message to the clipboard in order to paste it into the reporting window on spamcop. I spoke with Applecare about this problem because you cannot even report spam in the mail program to Apple's own mail servers for the same reason. This seems to me to be incredibly limiting and shortsighted. Oh well, the fact that we battle spam at all is instructive of the fact that we live in an imperfect world!


  3. Has anyone figured out how to report spam from an iPad? I have tried to reveal full headers both in webmail and in the native mail application but cannot seem to find a way to report spam in IOS. Am I missing something here or is it just not possible?

  4. While reporting spam on a particular sender, I always get the following error:

    Finding IP block owner:

    Routing details for

    Report routing for abuse[at]hostnoc.net

    abuse[at]hostnoc.net redirects to abuse[at]burst.net

    abuse[at]burst.net redirects to spamcop[at]burst.net

    spamcop[at]burst.net bounces (99 sent : 99 bounces)

    Sorry, no reporting addresses found for

    Nothing to do.

    Anyone have any similar problems? Could I do something different? This seems very troubling.

  5. Just spending some time combing through my whitelist and I noticed some items are enclosed in quotation marks and cannot be deleted. I have been having a problem where things are being captured in held email even through they have been whitelisted so I am trying to delete the old entries and clean things up a bit in hopes of allowing the entire whitelisted domain for the troubled entries. Is there anyone that has seen this whitelist behavior and is it normal? Is there any way to delete these entries? Thanks in advance.

  6. I am not sure this is the correct place to post this, please advise if not.

    Lately it seems that I have been getting spams with a bunch of word salad and a link to yahoo groups. These spams are difficult for Spamcop to pick out for some reason, and I have been diligently reporting them for about a month now. The gmail filter is starting to pick them up more but they are still escaping detection from Spamcop most of the time. Is there something I should be doing different to prevent these new weeds from popping up?