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  1. This is for incoming email to the EarthLink account, which I am not using (except for account updates) which is forwarded to my email address. I have my own domain and email address, I use the SMTP from EarthLink (my ISP) to send emails out. They are blocking the SMTP outgoing email.
  2. WARNING: If you have EarthLink, you will most likely not be able to forward emails to SpamCop using an their SMTP with an external client. I had opened a question on here: After chat sessions, testing and experimentation, I found that they are blocking the outgoing messages. I just wanted hopefully save someone some pain and time in troubleshooting this. There does not appear to be a way around this, so it is time to change ISPs again.
  3. Very interesting outcome of this. Started a Chat sessions with EarthLink on Wednesday and while in the session I tried to send and it worked. Now it is not again. I found today by looking into the account that they block outgoing messages that contain spam. They have a hidden folder in the webmail account (not using it) that shows Blocked emails. If I disable the delete, I can see anything that I forward to SpamCop that gets blocked. Now I'm arguing with a tech that is trying to tell me that it is an older version of Webmail, that I am not even using. Guess I will be leaving EarthLink and heading back into the jungle with Spectrum (Time Warner nightmare). EarthLink or Time Warner (Spectrum) are absolutely horrible and have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Thanks to all of you though.
  4. Hi Michaelanglo, Thank you, I should have thought of that. I found that I cannot send these to myself or work, they do not bounce or go out. I'm checking with Earthlink.
  5. I have seen delays before also, not lost ones though. I have rules setup so that I would see the replies in a certain color, and nothing is moved to a spam folder. When I mentioned report manually, here: The report now is always on here. If I open the source of an email in Thunderbird and paste here, it processes. I have traced the delivery from my server to the Earthlink server and receive no errors. This exact same issue occurred once before. Not sure yet.
  6. Lking, See my post that I was writing when you sent this. I agree, I need some help from someone to see where these are getting lost.
  7. Hi gnarlymarlet, I have seen this once before, more than a year ago. There i snot the Report Unreported spam, that is what I know is missing. I have also used WireShark to verify that the email is being sent, no issues there. It is successful from the Earthlink SMTP to the SpamCop server, no errors or rejection. It is plan weird. If I manually paste the source in, it works. Just not the forwarding, not sure where it is getting blocked/dropped. Once I get it working again, I will look at the quick reporting, as it will help with me getting these items submitted. I'll look more detailed in a bit.
  8. Hello SpamCop, I have been using SpamCop for a number of years and recently when I would forward (as an attachment as I always have), there is no acknowledgment from the system of it being received or rejected. If I add the email source manually on the page, it works. I removed all of my mailhosts and re-learned them in case there was a problem. It is still not working after that. I'm looking for some ideas and help on making this work. Related to this, is the Quick Submit something that is also available to use? I am in the last few weeks getting a lot of spam and would like to quickly report it without having to acknowledge each one. I manually filter them and would like to simply get them submitted. Thank you, Stephen