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    Hi I have just sent you a PM and the email you requested. Thanks
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    Hi Can someone please explained what this error means? It comes up when we try to send emails to some companies. 554 Connections from this sending hostname mail.charterhall.com.au, IP address o f: are being rejected due to low SenderBase Reputation score (bel ow -2). Your SenderBase organization: 24155. See http://www.senderbase.org/ for more information. Thanks
  3. Hi Yeah just did it 2 hours ago. Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks, I understand that if the problem is not fix that both IP can be blacklisted. I just want to have a backup IP so that emails can still be sent to domains using DNSBL and Spamcop after I fix the problem, while Spamcop does it's 24hr wait thing on the other IP. I also create a second mx record for reverse lookup. This is correct yeah? ie mail2.charterhall.com.au <---> With the cache thing I was referring to A_Friend, he saw the SenderBase reporting - Last day 4.4 23009% Thanks
  5. Hi On another note. I want to prevent this from happening again and will follow throught FAQs and suggestions. However for redundancy and to prevent major email disruption from happing again I want to implement the following: 1. Create another mx (mail2.charterhall.com.au) record that will point to ip 2. Configure required Firewall settings to have this IP ready for use with Exchange server, but have it only deny until required. 3. If for unforseen reason ie. new vulnerability, we are listed anywhere. 4. Change FQDN in Exchange Virutal SMTP Server to mail2.charterhall.com.au 5. Change external IP of firewall to 5. Deny all SMTP for 6. Re-route all SMTP traffic via Thus email will traverse through the backup IP and mx record. Please suggest if this will work. I just check and it says the followiing? Volume Statistics for this IP Magnitude Vol Change vs. Average Last day 4.0 7140% Last 30 days 2.6 261% Average 2.1 Is there something wrong with Senderbase?
  6. Hi I have just checked http://www.senderbase.org/?searchBy=ipaddr...8&showRBL=1 and it seems the volume has dropped to 7130%, I know it's still high but at least it's reducing. I will continue to monitor. But how come on senderbase it says were still listed on bl.spamcop.net. Yet on here it's not? http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= Is it due to the cache and systems still updating? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies, is there anyone I can contact to help speed this process up? Or is there really nothing I can do except wait? It's very hard to explain to users that nothing can be done but wait. Thanks
  8. Hi How long is a short time? Is there a time frame because it seems a bit ambiguous. Also I believe I have fixed the problem with the massive increase in the SenderBase. As an extra pre-caution I have denied all smtp traffic besides the exchange 2005 server. Thanks
  9. Hi Our IP - has been blacklisted. http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= When will we be delisted? It's severely affecting my users. Thanks