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  1. Hello everyone, Maybe someone could help me with this topic...Last week i sent a mail and i received a report as the following: Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients: Recipient address: carrieta[at]marketinglogistico.com Reason: Server rejected MAIL FROM address. Diagnostic code: smtp;501 5.7.1 <clara.sierra[at]ingeneo.com.co>... Sender refused by the DNSBL bl.spamcop.net Remote system: dns;mail.marketinglogistico.com (TCP||53348||25) (mail.viper.dnsracks.com ESMTP Exim 4.5; Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:54:42 -0600) I went and lookup for my IP address at spamcop blocklist but it said that it wasnt listed there...And i've lookup for my address in lots of blocking list around the web, but nothing important comes up (just some warnings). Anyway, this report keeps coming to my inbox when i mail to ONE specific recipient....Can someone Help me? my IP Address is :
  2. I spoke to our ISP and they told me that, in fact, their server was being used as an "open relay", they fixed the problem yesterday, and now everything is back to normal...thank u all for your comments
  3. Hi, thank you. I've now checked SpamCop blacklist and IP is no longer blocklisted, but if i send a mail to those addresses, will it be blaclisted again??? How can i fix this?