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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I'm sorry that I didn't reliase these forums are only for asking questions. - Astrolox.
  2. StevenUnderwood, I suspected that might be the case but thought it worth asking. Thanks
  3. > does a spam submittal get parsed correctly? Dunno. I added the mailhost. Noticed it was wrong. Checked. Looked for answers. Failed to find them. Didn't want to break anything. So I posted here. > I also note that you don't mention what happens / goes wrong if you delete those "wrong" entries Sorry, I said I had tried twice. Reading that a second time it isn't clear that I meant; I deleted the mailhosts and recreated them and that didn't change anything. > we're all users here Again I'm sorry as I obviously incorrectly assumed (well misunderstood a pinned post that I read) that at least one of the spamcop developer people actually reads some of the things here, and that the users here would bring my post to the attention of the correct people, or point me in the direction of the people I need to talk to. However.. Now I presume then that you suggest I put a spam email from the relevant address through it and hope that nothing breaks in the process. In addition I presume your also saying that, as there are only users here and as I seem to have a valid data consistancy problem, I should contact someone who has some power. May I presume this should be via email? I'll go search for details on that now.. I must admit I hadn't thought beyond posting here.
  4. I did do a forum search and read some of the stickies. I will go back and do so again. I'm sorry if this has been answered before. However, I made this post because... although the database is shared and I can expect the name to be wrong .... the IP addresses and host names ARE totally incorrect. I assume that having incorrect IP addresses and host names in there is something that isn't my fault and will require an admin to resolve. If I'm wrong and assuming I don't find the post myself shortly, would you please point me at the sticky/pinned message that I've obviously missed? Many thanks and sorry for the touble. EDIT While reading the pinned messages you pointed me at, I feel the need to clarify the following. FreeBSD and Gmail don't use the same servers, as far as I can tell using the wonderful DNS query tools I have here.
  5. Hi there. I thought I'd give the mailhosts system a try and think I may have found something you need to look at. I have (for the purposes of this post) a standard email account and a gmail account. My gmail account forwards all gmail email to my standard email account. So I setup my standard account in the mailhosts tab. Then I proceeded to setup my gmail account. It all went fine except that now when I look at the mailhosts tab I see " FreeBSD " as the name and several of the freebsd.org servers listed against my gmail account, in addition to the correct gmail stuff. I even tried twice.. but to no avail. Image ht tp://www.astrolox.com/stuff/spamcop_mh1.png In addition to this. I'm the only person using " Astrolox.Com " and yet when I entered " Astrolox " as the mailhost name it chose to ignore me and use " astrolox.com " instead.