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    Conflicting information

    Whimsy? "The Cat"? Are you sure about that?
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    Conflicting information

    Surprisingly, our firewall was set up allow outgoing SMTP from anyone. Our network manager has now changed this. Hopefully that will stem the tide, and we will then sniff the network for smtp packets going outwards in an attempt to find the offending computer/s. Re SMTP AUTH, I should be able to disable this - although I would have thought that this would increase rather than decrease the risk...? I have contacted Infonet and hopefully will be a bit better informed in future. Many thanks again for all your help. Alex
  3. AlexWebster

    Conflicting information

    Thanks all for the very quick response. I wasn't convinced that the problem was resolved but was under pressure from users - so I took a chance, delisted us, and unfortunately got burned. We got hit with an MSN Messenger virus a few days ago, and it's entirely possible that this has left a nasty mailer somewhere. I have been de-lousing our desktop PCs but have not yet got to all of them. Unfortunately I haven't been able to identify exactly what payload was carried by the MSN message. Alex
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    Conflicting information

    Hi all, Our Exchange server ( has been blocked. However, the Spamcop page is reporting conflicting information. The Query page says the address is listed (even though it was reported more than 24 hours ago and I requested a delisting): Click Here However, the Dispute page says the address is not listed: Click Here And yet, I got this SpamCop Alert email just now: "IPs reported in past hour:" So which one of these is correct and why is there a conflict? And, since I can't find it, can someone point me to where I can see who reported the server? Many thanks, Alex Webster