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    Locating listing problem

    Andrew, Many thanks for the speedy reply. As you noted the IP address (which is fixed), is not currently listed...that will soon change. Before the end of the day it will be listed in the CBL on Spamhaus. I remove it manually from the CBL directory as soon as the emails get returned to the users. but by the next day it will be listed again. I presume a virus/trojan check will have to be undertaken on all computers behind the router? I just cant understand how one infected PC would cause this issue for the whole network.
  2. AdamAtAppiam

    Locating listing problem

    If it helps matters the IP address is
  3. AdamAtAppiam

    Locating listing problem

    Over the past few weeks the server I maintain is constantly being blocked by several spam filters such as the CBL and SpamCop. Whilst I am a great believer in these tools (considering the ammount of spam we used to recieve!!), my users are becoming annoyed as to the large amount of emails being returned. I have run the following tools on the Exchange 2003 server we run the mail from (as advised by SpamHaus) : McAfee stinger, Symantec malicious software remover, FXMyDoom remover, Microsoft Malicious software remover, Norton Anti-Virus, SecCheck.....all of which have returned no sign of a virus or trojan residing on the server 'misbehaving itself'! I am now at my wits end as to how to remain 'unblocked' by CBL. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.