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  1. Hi Again In my first post i said what is my mail server ( Postfix 2.2.3) .. For auth i using SASL smptd, before users send e-mail they must AUTH, but may be my local area is in my trusted network ... But think today to remove from there ..
  2. Thanks for fast reply !! Can u help and said my what is mail server who send this e-mails ... Because this server and routing and pc in local network and may be any of PC is have viruses .. I want see full Header of any recieved e-mail with this stupid spam !! I have spam and i will fight with spam !!! Who can help me to delist ? Thanks
  3. Hello, In this days, i am in spamcop( Zlatograd.com mail server running postfix 2.2.3) blacklist, but i not sending spam or i have open relay mail server. If can help me what is the reason for what i am this spamcop blacklist . And when i understand what is the reason and if problem in my mail server i fix ! Thanks in advance !! Best Regards Mihail Peltekov System Administrator mail server Zlatograd.com !! Sorry for my bad english !