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  1. Simon

    Unwanted Button and Tab

    - sorry - a) Version: I'm running Windows XP Professional and IE Version 7.0.5730.11 b.) Location: To the right of the (long oblong) box where one types in the web address and to the left of the 'Refresh (F5)' button c) Looks like: It's a square button the same size as the 'Refresh (F5)' button d) When my cursor hovers over this button then I see 'International Website address' - just like when my cursor hovers over the ‘Refresh (F5)’ button I see ‘Refresh (F5)’. I think this may be called a 'hint' or 'help' feature of various Window applications. Many thanks Simon
  2. Simon

    Unwanted Button and Tab

    Two problems 1 I have just noticed a new button at the top of my Microsoft Internet Explorer which, when I hover over it, says 'International Website address report' 2 When I start Microsoft Internet Explorer sometimes a second tab is opened with the following address 'http://xn--0oaa7974du3zc/' (or very similar) May I ask:- Q1 Have I got a virus? Q2 Are these two connected? Q3 How do I get rid of them? Many thanks Simon
  3. Simon

    Public email address

    May I ask for your advice. My company wants to put my email address onto it's web page as a contact point. I'm trying to argue that this is a bad idea because:- a) There are 'bots' (or electronic robots) that trawl the web pages on the internet picking up email addresses and the end result is that I will receive thousands of spam emails. b.) They should use another email address for enquiries from the public Q1. Am I right? Q2. Is there a better way way of putting it? Q3. Are there any other/better reasons? Q4. What could/should they do? Many thanks Simon
  4. Having spent a lot of time and effort trying to avoid getting emails from these scoundrels it might seem ironic to want to see pictures of them let alone enter in to correspondence. This is what happens when you enter into a dialogue with scammers simply to waste their time and resources. www.419eater.com My particular favourite is the letters section. Simon
  5. Is there any evidence to show that the reporting of spam to SpamCop actually reduces the amount of spam one gets? Simon