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    How can I contact spamcom.net..

    I have already delisted my server, without capture the messagges, nevertheless I have received any email to abuse[at]sttspa.it pinting out that I m going to be blacklisted... So Ild likee to know why Im blacklisted.. Is there any way to know this? Thank u, rocsca I agree with you about the policy of spamcop. But it seems right to me that I have to know the real reason why I was blacklisted. Is there a way to know this? Indeed I have started to use again (in a production environment ) annina.sttspa.it as mail server as with had a high increase in mail traffic.. So iT has been clear that the magnitude od annina.sttspa.it has growth hugely.. But what I have been to do? Spamcop can give me some hint????? So the next time there will not be??? Thanks, rocsca
  2. Hello, yesterday my mail server was blacklisted by spamcop.net. Still now I can't figure out why. The only explanation I get is that spamtrap reports that my mail server sends spam. It was not nice at all as we: - use an update virus scanner either on outgoing and on incoming messages. - use an update spamscanner either on outgoing and on incoming messages. - MTA is always updated. - Have many hundreds of domains (and many thousands of user) that use our mailserver to send mail. - We haven't received any notification of blacklisting And still worst, we can't point out the problem (if any). Moreover it is quite impossible to contact from support to get the needed informations. Here my email that I wrote to "Bruno Hammer" (It would be a person from support of spamcop.net. I get that email looking for some address of spamcop.net on Internet): ============== Mr Bruno Hammer, Today the IP that corresponds to the mail server that I administer, has been blocked from SCBL. So I’m writing you to get more insights about this. More specifically, I would like to get an answer for any of the following questions: 1) Why our IP address above was blocked? 2) How has he been able to happen if we use regular software that scans every message both for viruses and spams? 3) Why we haven’t been advised that our IP was about to be blocked? Safe to obtain a fast and clear answer from you. Best Regards, ===================================== Could someone explain how to get such informations? It is important for us and, I think, for anyone whose (like us) can be demaged from such blacklisting. Sincerely, Rocco