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    Proper reporting of image spam?

    This is pretty much all the spam I get now, and reporting it by forwarding it does nothing because it's the information in the image that's the key to bringing them down. The irony is that they're using the same approach that sign-ups with image verification are using to prevent spam. So, when I get image spam everyday advertising the same website and the same drugs or the same penny stock, but embedded in the image with a bunch of nonsense text below to throw us off, what exactly should we all report? I wish there was an international blacklist of companies that are associated with spam that consumers should never do business with.
  2. Tux Kapono

    What about 'picture' spam?

    I have a simple question - the same companies are spamming me with the same companies and websites that they want me to support, though putting their names in image spam. It's like watching someone burglarize your house behind a glass wall. Worse thing is that I've asked this question twice, and I get either put into a useless image spam discussion with 90% of it personal bickering, or it gets deleted. How in the world are we supposed to work together to solve these repititive spam cases if there's no means of being led to concise answers.
  3. Tux Kapono

    What about 'picture' spam?

    The admin lumped my last post into the image spam thread, and 20 messages into it I could find nothing helpful except a lot of bickering. So let me rephrase: How does one report the companies that are the repeated sources of spam? Such as GDKI (Goldmark Industries, www.rxmarte.org, www.fastrx.org, www.rxcart.org - the last three of which are obviously the same source with rotating URLs. They happen to hide these sources as image spam. I'm getting tired of the same companies spamming me - one would think that knowing the URL of the source would help, or at least allow some underground group to hack into their servers and bring them down.
  4. Tux Kapono

    What about 'picture' spam?

    Like Goldmark Industries/GDKI which is trying to promote their stock, or the Christmas Discount Shops at http://xasewuikinrandesin.com/?a=636-10404 - all using image spam with nonsense text to throw off anti-spam services.
  5. Tux Kapono

    Amazing reduction in Spam

    MikeJ, just out of curiosity, where does your spam count stand at now?