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  1. yeah. I also noticed that your report has a double dot in the hostnames. I wonder if spammers have figured out to fool SpamCop. It very well could be related to the following post since it appears to be stopping around the same point.
  2. Sounds like you might need to have mailhosts setup. mailhosts is to prevent all of your local servers (which forward email from one to the other) from being listed in the reports.
  3. Interesting that the hostname starts with a dot in the submissions where it stops at: View entire message Parsing header:
  4. I am not sure if hiccup is the right word. Whenever I look at your tracking link, as well as a few of my own, they all show errors. It seems to be an issue that is rare, but consistent. I submitted one a few days ago and have not heard back yet. Maybe they were upgrading the system while you were trying to originally submit.
  5. You might want to edit your post to remove your special reporting email address that I am not supposed to know. as for the error, I usually get that when the email I am reporting is not an attachment when forwarding. see Of course, this could be anything from forwarding and not as an attachment to your spam filter removing the attachment.
  6. This does not have much to do with actual reporting, but probably should be answered. No DNS spoofing. This is nothing more than an ISP who has started using the private address in their routers, but forgot to block it on their borders. We have been seeing private addresses more since the IPv4 runout occurred a few years ago. Also, you forgot about line #14 which is also a private address. For me, I just usually block these private addresses on my border firewall. I am sure if you were able to dig further you would probably see that line #13, #15, #16, and #17 are also private address, but they actually blocked those. Now if you start to see the same IP repeated in multiple lines, you would probably know that they are NAT'ting their private addresses.
  7. Seems to me this might be a parser error as it stops on the double period. Hopefully, the deputies are will be seeing this. If not, then might be good to get Don on this at service[at] Host (checking ip)
  8. The reply email (with subject of something like "[SpamCop] Errors encountered") should have some headers near the bottom. Since this email was not able to submit the spam, it does not contain a tracking URL. The bottom of the email should contain the message or part of it that was attempted to be submitted. If it only has part, you can compare the " Content-Type" to see if your sent email has the same boundary tag. Usually when I had issues in the past, it was due to my mail client not aways sending it as an attachment. If you are not able to figure this out, my email from years ago, suggested to email the service address to get more information. Please check your email for an explanation or email for more information. I would not be surprised if cPanel is doing some sort of spam filtering and randomly removing attachments for you.
  9. I found this thread that talks about cPanel removing attachements after you forward. This this spot on the cPanel where you have to allow attachments to head to users. I am not sure why anyone would make attachment filter a default.
  10. I went to and got the following not listed in My guess is that someone was using to send actual spam, it got reported, and now the issue is resolved. When spammers use legitimate email services, it usually gets solved much quicker with the affending party being kicked off.
  11. All spamcop does for us users is to report spam back to the original administrator. I would tend to agree with InvisiBill. As for the issue at stake, I cannot click that "flag as inappropriate" button as the entry was not sent to me. The only person that can morally click the "flag as inappropriate" button is jazz25.
  12. I am not sure I entirely understand the question. What I see is a email that came from and the email has given authorization through a spf check. What happened is that was involved to send the email. If that IP is behind a NAT, then any number of hosts (which use that NAT) could have been used to send the email, including the NAT router itself. What we do know is that any of these devices could have been hacked or else the email was sent by a legitimate person. I am guessing that this is what you meant by possible forgery. Also, if you have any ties to, it might be in your best interest to check for hacking to prevent further usage of that IP by spammer jerks.
  13. Without the IP, there is not much we as users of the spamcop service can do. Spammers are attacking more than just port 25. I have seen spam come directly from a router, which does not have the SMTP service. It would appear that spammers are trying to hack and use anything that can get their message through.
  14. spamadvertising

    The "report" that was sent by SpamCop that contains the link (previously mentioned is other's posts) would have been sent to the data-center that has suspended your account. This means you will need to work directly with the data-center for both the update to spamcop and to get them to give you your account back.
  15. There have been a number of receiving systems in the past that have copied the blocklist error message about the block coming from spamcop. This can be confusing as one would immediately suspect spamcop when the blocklist came from something like spamhaus instead.