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  1. Century link installed a new pedestal in my area. It serves the next neighborhood over. The problem with it is they didn't install a battery backup and it is fed by fiber. So when my power goes out, they lose internet. I am not sure if they will ever fix that.
  2. gnarlymarley

    parsing errors

    I don't see mailhosts enabled on this. Mailhosts was setup as a way for SpamCop to find the border server. The LMTP lines seem to look normal. Could have also been a temporary look up issue that may have caused SpamCop processing confusion.
  3. gnarlymarley

    Reporting spam has no effect

    I would suggest putting your super secret submit address into the bcc, except some email servers could leave that in the email as it goes out. It would be good to know your email server before trying even the bcc. Probably the only safe way is to forward separate emails.
  4. gnarlymarley

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed!

    If it was a contact form, you should be able to look up the IP in the http logs. It would be good to have the form add some email headers, such as a "Received:" header that has the IP, hostname, and protocol, just like your email server does. Another header maybe something like "X-WebForm:". Also, I would expect the receiving email server to show the IP of the server with the contact form.
  5. gnarlymarley

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed!

    Maybe came from a web form?
  6. gnarlymarley

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed!

    The tracking URL seems to be missing an IP on the Received line. Without that IP, it cannot proceed to report such IP. Received: from esteemcom by elm.nocdirect.com with local (Exim 4.93) (envelope-from <info@domainregistrationcorp.com>) id 1lT0m1-0006Jl-Cb for x; Sun, 04 Apr 2021 07:18:33 -0400
  7. I don't see a refresh button on the page. After some research, it appears that this is plagued bu the whois "-B" bug. Refreshing is not going to bring it up. You will need want to contact the deputies[at]admin[dot]spamcop[dot]net or just submit it manually.
  8. Sounds like someone is attached 18 emails and sent to your reporting address. Yes, you can email the deputies[at]admin[dot]spamcop[dot]net and they can change it for you.
  9. gnarlymarley

    TLS support for SMTP host for spam submission

    Yeah, probably a good idea to send the link to this forum to the deputies at deputies[at]admin[dot[spamcop[dot]net.
  10. I believe that originally SpamCop was setup to report URLs to the ISP hosting the content. They did this to avoid reporting directly to the spammers, who at the time, would setup they own domain and abuse address. Reporting spam to the ISP, SpamCop appears to look up the IP the domain is pointing to at the time and report that IP to the ISP. If we can trust the abuse of the domainname such as in this case, SpamCop should be able to report to the domain's abuse address instead of to their hosting ISP.
  11. gnarlymarley

    SpamCop approving spam!

    This is in part why I got my own email server and changed it from blocking lists in the server to spamassassin. The Spamassassin plug-in allowed me to setup weighting and a threshold for all blocklists so I could block if it is on more than one blocking list, but not if the are on only one.
  12. sounds to me, like you might be talking about the response email that would contain a tracking URL if it worked, but it is not working. A normal reply would be a subject line "[SpamCop] has accepted 1 email for processing". Reply emails with the subject line "[SpamCop] Errors encountered" usually indicate a problem with the attachment on the sending email. Even if I had mailhost problems, I would still get a sucessful reply with a tracking URL.
  13. gnarlymarley

    Google Groups spam

    Dennis, I think you might be right on the google groups. It sounds like someone signed up for you and set up their password while pointing it to your email account. I see a mailto that is not you that you might be able to try a password reset on any of the mailto addresses that are not yours to see if it is a forwarder address. If not, sounds like you might be up to the mercy of the google abuse address.
  14. Welcome back! Ooops, I am sure they might regret that.
  15. gnarlymarley

    SpamCop approving spam!

    I believe the option you are looking for is RBL check (realtime blacklist). This is also known as dnsbl.