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  1. I'm afraid I'm going to need a little more explanation in terms of what conclusions are drawn from that. Again, not to be dense, but what is the distinction? If all my valid mail is coming from something in the berkeley.edu domain, don't correct parse results mean that no reports are going back to my domain? Thanks for the links regarding this problem, but I guess my question is do I even have to worry about it? From what I've seen so far, I'm guessing I don't have to add any of the other subdomains with this problem, so I should be fine with the configuration I have so far. But again I don't have the technical knowledge in this area to completely understand what's going on...
  2. Sorry about that, I have a tendency to munge everything I post in forums. As far as I can tell, everything I use falls under one of the following: berkeley.edu imail.eecs.berkeley.edu calmail.berkeley.edu I have a feeling the first alone is fine, but I don't understand the technical details enough to figure it out any further. In the meantime, I can continue reporting spam as long as I confirm none of the reports are going to berkeley.edu, correct? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I registered my main address successfully, and the others give me: The email sample you submitted for foo[at]bar.baz.school.edu appears to traverse more than one domain. Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order. I assume that means the redirection is handled internally and I don't have to worry about those subdomains?
  4. I have been using SpamCop for some time now, and I'd like to set up the mailhost system (since it seems all users are encouraged to do that). I've read in the FAQs that you don't need to register accounts that forward to your main account as long as they have the same domain name, but I'm not sure how specific "domain name" is. My main account is user[at]school.edu. I get emails forwarded there from foo[at]class132.school.edu, bar[at]department.class.school.edu, etc. Are those considered separate domain names, or can I ignore everything else ending in "school.edu"? Also, as an aside, all of the spam I report will have been caught by the school's spam filter, which adds some headers identifying the type of spam and adds [spam:XXXXXXXXX] to the beginning of the subject. Is there any problem with reporting spam that has had these modifications from the original? Thanks in advance.