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    New HTML Interface Look and Feel

    Looks fine except for the forced fixed width. Maybe a preference that could be cookied that would allow those of us with large screens (higher resolution) to more effectively use them.
  2. Chris Parker

    New HTML Interface Look and Feel

    Hmm. WIDE does not appear to auto-update under IE 6 on XP.
  3. Chris Parker


    I would agree that if you have wanted mail get blocked, a 500 series error is better.
  4. Chris Parker being blocked

    You may want to see Google'd Reports about spam from that IP. It appears that you are sharing a mail server with spammers.
  5. Chris Parker

    SORBS on the highway to h...?

    Um, just read the FAQ on the website... It's here.
  6. Um, I do not think that is the case as it is not the virus which is being reported. What is being reported is a machine that is sending spam that was compromised by a virus -- same as many other source of spam.
  7. It's from a variant of the Sober virus... See the other post about it.
  8. Chris Parker

    Unjustified blockings

    Your mailing list should be a closed loop unique token confirmed opt in mailing list. Meaning that someone must submit their address. Your system sends an email with a unique token. The user must confirm either by mail or web, with that token, that they do wish to be subscribed. If you run a mailing list where people can sign up other people without their permission, your mailing list will be used to abuse others. The legality of the mailing list is not at issue here. SpamCop only maintains a list of IP addresses that have been reported, by the receivers of the mail, to have sent unsolicited bulk mail.
  9. Chris Parker

    What does this message mean?

    The website lookup indicates that the mail server is not currently listed. I would guess that unless you are getting a number of non-deliverables that someone else's mail server is misconfigured. However, doing a search in Google Groups shows a few spam reports (they are a few weeks old) You can always send an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net and request additional information, which they may (or may not) provide.
  10. Chris Parker

    Why am I listed?

    I do not see anything obvious going on. Try sending an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net
  11. Chris Parker

    New business blocked

    You appear to be running Microsoft Exchange which with it's default settings is prone to being compromised by spammers. You'll want to remove any accounts that are not being used (ie guest) and make sure that all your passwords are non-trivial. Take a look at your outbound logs and that should give you some indication of what is happening.
  12. Chris Parker

    Registering IPs with spamcop

    See: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/94.html
  13. Chris Parker

    cannot access website to report spam?

    Yup, looks like one of the standard temporary problems. Cannot log in to report via website. I have yet to see a response to an email submission in at least 2.5 hours (last response was 3.5 hours ago, but nothing was reported for the following hour or so). Oh, site is now down for maintenance
  14. Chris Parker

    Email Blocked - ip NOT listed in spamcop

    You might want to fire off an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net and see if it *was* listed for a short period of time. However, I do not see any indication that you are or have ever been listed anywhere.
  15. Looks like someone is sending a psuedo-political/racist statement/spam through previously undetected trojaned boxes. Someone posted a copy of the message in spam-L.
  16. Chris Parker

    login failed

    Try undoing your security settings and see what happens.
  17. Chris Parker

    fix spam problem

    You'll want to work to get off a few of the other more high profile lists. dsbl.org sorbs.net
  18. Chris Parker

    bl.spamcop.net is not resolving

    Everything is working correctly. The host bl.spamcop.net does not exist. The query should be formatted in the reverse dotted quad like this: (to check and see if is listed) The response of shows that the IP is listed.
  19. Chris Parker

    How can I prevent our server from being listed

    I would suggest the use of the following dnsbl's instead (or in conjunction) if you are worried about false positives: sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org relays.ordb.org list.dsbl.org dnsbl.njabl.org dynablock.njabl.org Thanks for listening...
  20. Chris Parker

    How can I prevent our server from being listed

    The issue is that *your* system is sending mail to those that did not request it. (aka your mail server is a source of spam) Other issues are not relevent to your server being listed.
  21. Chris Parker

    How can I prevent our server from being listed

    No, C/R only works for those behind the C/R system. *everyone* else suffers increased spam. SpamCop lists systems that spam. If *your* system is send mail to people who did not send email to your system, then your system is spamming. No, SpamCop clearly demonstrated how faulty C/R systems are. It reduces the amount of spam that I get by several hundred per day. What gets through gets reported so that others will not get spammed later. I'm sure that challenge messages to spamtraps is the reason it was blocked. Drop a polite email to deputies <at> spamcop.net
  22. Chris Parker

    Forum configuration

    Nice list. Very organized.
  23. Chris Parker

    New to Spamcop...big problem

    Could possibly just be a late report coming in from someone. I'd suggest that you drop a note to deputies <at> spamcop.net before jumping to any conclusions. You should look at the reputation of the person who filed the complaint. A well known spammer. What stiffles commerce is when I have to deal with (without filtering) 1000's of spam messages a day. If the ratio were 1:100 then I would agree with you. The ratio of false positives to spam that I see on the mail servers that I manage are in the neighborhood of 1:100,000.
  24. Chris Parker

    SpamCop Encountered Error messages

    See the following current thread: Reporting messages with no body
  25. Chris Parker listed in bl.spamcop.net

    You are also sending to spam traps. You can drop a polite message to deputies <at> spamcop.net who may be able to provide you some more specifics. Seeing as you are running an Exchange server, you'll want to read the following FAQ: Exchange FAQ You'll also want to make sure that you've disabled any virus notifications or non-delivery reports. Update: There has been a significant increase in the amount of mail coming from that machine (almost 1000% increase in the last 30 days) which would indicate that server may have been subject to an SMTP AUTH hack (see FAQ above).