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    spams with blank body

    In the past I've used the details to manually send a report... I know that some people add [NO BODY] to the cut/past tool to report them.
  2. Chris Parker

    Take our Domain off your blacklist.

    On your firewall you might want to block outbound traffic on port 25 from all machines except your mail server. You'll want to run windows updates on all your machines as well as the latest virus software. If you find a machine that cannot download the most recent definitions then you've likely found the compromised box. I believe there is a demo packet sniffer from sustworks that will run on a Windows box. Also a nice demo package is available from solarwinds.
  3. Chris Parker

    SpamCop Encountered Error messages

    Do you have a copy of the report ID? I've seen that error when reporting from outlook when there is no body in the email. Is that the case here?
  4. Chris Parker

    Take our Domain off your blacklist.

    Do you mean that it's the IP address for a bunch of computers behind a firewall? If so it sounds like you've got a compromised box on your network somewhere.
  5. Chris Parker

    stop th blacklist

    The listing will be removed no more than 48 hours after the most recent spam was received. For more details concerning the mail that was sent to the spam traps send an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net If you are running anti-virus software you'll want to make sure that virus notifications are turned off. If your mail server is sending non-delivery notifications, you'll want to turn that off as well. Senderbase indicates something in the order of 300% increase in mail being sent. You'll want to check your logs and make sure that some account is not being used to send spam.
  6. Chris Parker

    No reason given for cause of listing

    You may want to look into an integrated AV / Mail solution that will REJECT messages during the SMTP process rather than generate a bounce message after the fact. If mail is rejected during the SMTP process legitmate users will be informed by their own mail server. The problem is that with your current setup innocent people who did not send you mail are getting messages from your server. ...spammers and virus writers ruin it for everyone...
  7. Chris Parker

    Slow Today?!

    Response time is down to 15 minutes. Website is moving just fine...
  8. Chris Parker

    Long weekend causes reporting problem

    I've found that each source of my spam (that makes it through the BL) is listed within an hour of me being spammed. Consequently I do not report spam more than an hour or two old. (Neither did I want to spend the time to report the nearly 500 messages that made it though since Friday.)
  9. Chris Parker

    New to Spamcop...big problem

    Yikes! is a pretty nasty little machine.
  10. Chris Parker

    New to Spamcop...big problem

    Looks like the server is sending mail to spam traps. Are you currently running AV software on the server. You'll want to disable virus notification if it's on. Most current virus send from forged email addresses so notifications of infection don't actually go to those infected. I'm guessing that some account has been compromised. Check your logs.
  11. Chris Parker

    Slow Today?!

    Currently looking at least a 3hr backlog since this morning. (Haven't seen anything process since a little before 8am PST)
  12. Chris Parker

    No reason given for cause of listing

    I would suggest that you send an email to deputies <at> spamcop.net for more specific details about your listing.
  13. Chris Parker

    New to Spamcop...big problem

    What is the IP address of your server that you believe has been listed? Without knowing the IP address I can only suggest that you take a look at your logs and look for suspect activity. Exchange servers have been the target of spammers looking to compromise weak passwords specifically on role and default accounts. You'll want to make sure *ALL* your user passwords are non-trivial.
  14. Chris Parker

    Spamcop suddenly failed to stop spam

    My guess is that because it was a long holiday weekend in the US there were less reports, thus less listings. I'm sure the next few days will see a marked decline in spam getting though the BL.
  15. Chris Parker

    Spamcop down?

    Here's what Akamai said earlier today... This degradation was the result of a bug within one of Akamais backend content control management tools, which allows the expiration of content on the Akamai network. The degradation was not a result of any outside interference with Akamais network (such as Denial of Service or hacking). Upon identification of the bug, Akamai quickly took corrective action which returned customers to normal service levels. Akamai is currently putting measures in place to return the content management tool to its normal working order and is adding safeguards such that the issue will not occur in the future. In the meantime, Akamai customers are able to serve their content through the Akamai Network normally.
  16. Anyone else seeing significant delays in processing forwarded spam? Only two spams ready for processing after almost 5 hours...
  17. You will need to take up the matter with bigpond, or switch to a different provider. You may wish to contact the other person by setting up a web email account with someone like yahoo, hotmail, or other. Once you have re-established contact with the other person you should try to find out if they are managing their own mail server (if so, ask them to white list bigpond) or if someone else is managing their mail (in which case they should ask their provider to white list you.)
  18. Chris Parker

    Reporting preferences; Technical Details

    I noticed the same thing when the new mailhosts feature came online. Probably so people would make sure the parsing was correct.
  19. Chris Parker

    Problem with forwared mail?

    Yup, moving the hardware that does the processing would conceivably cause processing delays. I've seen a few more responses trickle in... I'll drop a follow up here once things get more back to normal (assuming I'm around at the time).
  20. Try taking a look at SpamSource. It's an Outlook plugin that, once installed, you just press the SpamSource button and it takes care of all the forwarding for you.
  21. Chris Parker

    What's that? We play dirty too?

    I, too, would be interested in this. I've developed a network of traps and would to be able to contribute to a Virus source list. My network of traps also provide harvester IP address, date, and time.
  22. Chris Parker

    Another thing left out of CAN-SPAM

    ok.. yeah...
  23. Chris Parker

    Another thing left out of CAN-SPAM

    Also just wonderful how the politicians are "above the law" by explicitly making sure the law does not apply to them.
  24. Chris Parker

    Does Korea do anything about spam?

  25. Chris Parker

    Error Message

    spamcop.net does distribute any software packages. Maybe you are thinking of spamcop.com. You'll need to take a look at the documentation that came with the software.