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    Why is my mailserver blacklisted

    It's a classic argument. I would say that mail server operators need to configure their mail servers in such a way as to *not* generate AV, NDN, and DSN notices. I understand this can be complicated, but these days it's what's needed to be a good member of the internet community. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own networks to not polute the internet. If you don't, you are contributing to mail box clutter. Why is it that I have to deal with bounces from poorly configured servers to messages that I didn't send in the first place.
  2. Chris Parker

    Error Message

    I assume you are using a plug-in. Who's plug-in are you using?
  3. Chris Parker

    Why is my mailserver blacklisted

    You mention "front email mail servers". If mail comes in to a non-existant address do the "front end mail servers" reject the message or is it accepted and then a NDN (nondelivery notification) sent? NDN bounces (aka backscatter) to spam traps can get you listed.
  4. Chris Parker

    Malicious Reporting of a message..

    "Meassage"? It's a typo that's been reported to Julian.
  5. Chris Parker

    SpamCop Mention on NEWS.COM

    http://news.com.com/2100-1024_3-5210518.html?tag=nefd.top A Northern California District Court judge issued a temporary restraining order to prevent SpamCop, an antispam operation, from interfering with messages sent by alleged junk e-mailer OptInRealBig.com. The court granted the restraining order last Tuesday, and it is scheduled to reconvene May 20. E-mail server company IronPort Systems, owner of SpamCop, filed an appeal Monday asking the judge to dissolve the order before the hearing date, on the grounds that it breaches first amendment rights and damages the company's operations. The dispute involves practices of SpamCop, an operator of an antispam blocklist that third-parties reference to block bogus mail. SpamCop fields people's complaints about unwanted mail and their senders and uses that information to list the offending Internet Protocol addresses used to send the messages. Scott Richter, the self-professed "spam King" and president of e-mail marketing company OptIn, sued IronPort and SpamCop on April 29 for allegedly interfering with his business and causing his Internet service providers to block his company's e-mail. He also charged SpamCop with not disclosing the identity of people who complain about its e-mail, thereby aiding potential violations of the Can-spam Act, which requires the removal of people from future mailings if they so choose. "This whole system is done in the dark--we don't know who's complaining, what the substance of the complaint is, and there's no opportunity to correct the complaint" to comply with provisions in the Can-spam Act that require a company to remove people from a mailing list, said Steven Richter, an attorney for OptIn. "We're asking for the right to handle complaints." The San Francisco court issued a temporary restraining order that prevents SpamCop from transmitting or sending "complaints it forwards to third-parties regarding (OptIn and its subsidiaries, divisions, companies, etc.) to ISPs," according to the filing. It also stops SpamCop from "removing the e-mail addresses from complaints it receives regarding plaintiff." Representatives for IronPort, based in San Bruno, Calif., declined to comment. Industry analysts expressed concern over the order, even though it does not necessarily indicate how the case will turn out. "More troubling is what this means for the individuals who submit complaints to SpamCop with the expectation that SpamCop will not reveal their e-mail addresses to the people they are accusing of spamming," said Anne Mitchell, CEO of the think tank Institute for spam and Internet Public Policy. "This is, after all, a private enterprise, not a branch of the government and certainly not a court of law, and there is no right to confront your accuser in this arena." OptIn, based in Colorado, is embroiled in numerous lawsuits. In December, software giant Microsoft and the New York State Attorney General's office filed complaints against the company for allegedly sending millions of unsolicited commercial e-mail, specifically to members of Hotmail, Microsoft's free Web-based mail service. Scott Richter and Synergy6, an e-mail marketing company based in New York, were among the defendants named in the six suits. Richter also has been named one of the world's largest spammers by ROKSO, the Register of Known spam Operations, which is listed on Spamhaus, an antispam and consumer advocacy organization. In an interview, Richter said that OptIn is in settlement talks with Microsoft and the New York office of the attorney general. He also said that his company is a legitimate commercial e-mail service, in compliance with the Can-spam Act. He said that the company obtains permission from all the people on its mailing list to send commercial messages, which include low-rate mortgage loans and personal grooming products, and allows those recipients to opt out of future mailings. He argued that SpamCop reports spam to the wrong people--the ISPs (Internet service providers)--rather than the companies that send the e-mail. "We're not going after IronPort because of their blocking. We're going after IronPort for the harassment," he said. "We're going to go after many antispam groups."
  6. There is also the issue of volume. There appears to be a function on the SpamCop listing algorithm that weighted complaints vs overall volume of mail. The more mail that is sent (and not complained about), then less weight any one complaint has.
  7. Chris Parker

    Malicious Reporting of a message..

    Um, is currently allocated to RIPE per ARIN. Allocation seems to be good in RIPE (http://www.ripe.net/perl/whois?form_type=simple&full_query_string=&searchtext= Maybe their BGP was flapping. (Or am I *totally* missing the boat here?)
  8. Chris Parker

    whitelisting mailing lists

    Probably best off asking this question in the SpamCop Email forum...
  9. Depends on the version of Exchange that you are running. Older versions do not have built in support of DNSbl's. What version of Exchange are you running?
  10. Chris Parker

    assistance with Outlook

    In every version of Outlook that I've touched, you can get the full headers by right clicking on the message and then clicking OPTIONS. A small screen will open up and the full headers will be in the lower portion of the window. I've posted a screen shot here.
  11. Chris Parker

    "No userid found, sorry"

    I assume that the details of those functions are in the docs. I don't check. Yes, you should you whatever you spamcop submit email addresses (I'd suggest that you edit your previous post and remove it). I did not enter anything in the web or munge tabs.
  12. Chris Parker

    "No userid found, sorry"

    Sounds like you've set the application to report via the webpage. You'll need to login on the website and make sure the cookie is set to stay around for a while. I, personally, choose to have it report via mail then confirm the reports later in the day. (I am using Mail 1.3.7 on Mac OS X 10.3.3 w/ Subsume 1.3.1 Plug-in to forward reports to SpamCop)
  13. This sort of thing happens on a regular basis. Unless you have deep pockets you'll just have to wait it out. No responsible ISP will terminate your contact based on your domain being forged into the from/reply-to addresses in a message. SpamCop is not designed to report bounce spam. Doing so may result in the termination of your SpamCop priviledges. Please provide a copy of the error message. Spamcop does not provide support for blocking by domain name. Spamcop only publishes a list of IP addresses that have been reported as sending spam. DNS records indicate that is responsible for your mail. That server is not listed. See: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...p=
  14. Chris Parker

    System slow - 2nd update

    Just got a bunch of ack's. Recent reports are being ack'd, but some old submissions have not come back yet....
  15. Chris Parker

    System slow - 2nd update

    I am *not* on cox. I'm running SBC DSL with my own mail server. Reports yesterday evening were taking 2+ hours to ack'd. I sent in reports around 3 hours ago and have not received ack's yet. Not next to the mail server to be able to see if it's an outbound delivery issue or not.
  16. Chris Parker

    spamcop encountered errors

    You'll want to edit your post and remove your submit address... It should be treated as private. Are the errors generated by the website or are you getting the errors in reponse to your emails? What email client are you using? Is this a new problem?
  17. You might also want to add one of the DUL lists such as dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net.
  18. Chris Parker

    Spamcop works arbitrary and untrustworthy!!

    Take a look at: http://groups.google.com/groups?q=193.70.1...&sa=G&scoring=d
  19. Chris Parker


    You may want to check http://dnsbl.info/lookup.asp?IP= for a list of other systems which indicate there is spam eminating from that IP address. You may want to run complete antivirus sweep on your computer to make sure it's not infected with a virus or has been otherwise compromised. That IP address is considered to by dynamic space. You really shouldn't run a mail server on dynamic IP space. What may have happened is that prior to the IP address being issued to you, it was issued to a spammer, someone infected with a virus, or a compromised machine. That is one of the major disadvantages of running a mail server on a dynamic IP address. Also happens to be in SPEWS (http://www.spews.org/html/S1297.html) space. Changes are that you will have problems with mail until your ISP cleans up it's act.
  20. Chris Parker

    Help! Blacklisted..

    You might want to download some network sniffing trialware software that would point out any unusuall activity, but only if it's currently active... I would agree that you've got a trojan'd machine on your network. I wasn't able to connect up to any mail servers though the firewall.
  21. Chris Parker

    Reverse NDR Spam

    Here's the bottom line: If you configure your mail system in such a way that it can be abused to spam people, it will eventually be listed. There are ways to change the configuration of you mail system to prevent this from happening. You may need to add or remove certain software packages, but it can be done. It is the responsibility of the owner of the mail system to make sure that it cannot be abused. THAT is the issue, not that SpamCop is listing the server in question. YOUR server is sending mail to people that did not request it.
  22. Chris Parker

    "Report Spam" function of Mail for OS X

    Recently installed the same software myself. Works great. Some messages are in character sets that SC barfs on or are just too big. I'd try the following: 1) Delete all unreported spam 2) Report a single piece of spam that is small and not in a funky char set. See if that works for you. If not let me know and we can take the discussion to private mail.
  23. Chris Parker

    SpamCop Statistics

    Seems to be coming back down to "normal"
  24. Just got a new machine up and running on Mac OS X. I'm currently using Apple's Mail for my mail. Anyone know an easy way to forward messages for processing and make sure they include the headers. Trying to find a way to forward a whole folder on a periodoic basic without having to view each individual message in raw format.
  25. Chris Parker

    Forwarding in "Mail" on Mac OS X

    Perfect! Thanks for link. Life is much easier now!