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    Forwarding in "Mail" on Mac OS X

    Funny, never thought to even look. Figured not a whole ton of Mac people around.
  2. Chris Parker

    local IP address

    Thanks for the RFC reference. I'll keep it on hand for future notification.
  3. Chris Parker

    local IP address *is* a valid address. - is allocated to the United States Department of Defense. You should not be using publicly routable addresses as "local addresses" You should only be using the following address ranges in your local network: >> - >> - >> -
  4. Chris Parker

    Blacklisted again

    Since you did not give us the IP address or an error message we can only guess as to what is happening... If you are Med-Expertise.com: * isn the inbound mail server... http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= which is not currently listed * Looks like a hosting service, you'll want to contact them and ask them why they are allowing spammers on their network. If that's not you, sorry, my crystal ball is in the shop and I'm unable to devine the IP address in question without more information.
  5. Chris Parker

    SpamCop Statistics

  6. Chris Parker

    Forwarded spam duplicating

    Last few pieces of spam forwarded for reporting appear to be getting duped into the reporting system. Basically, after reporting it comes back into the queue and the parser knows that it's already been reported. just an FYI
  7. Chris Parker

    Reporting query with mailsc.spamcop.net

    Oops, I didn't read before starting a new topic... argh... Same thing happening here.
  8. What are you using to forward your mail?
  9. Chris Parker

    Block spam based on URLs they contain

    Yes, I would like to see a system that blocks based on the IP address that the site is hosted on, much the same way that you would block mail from a particular IP address, regardless of the domain in the mail. I think that type of solution would make the issue of spammers purchasing a billion domains mute.
  10. Chris Parker

    i'm blacklisted. Why? how to solve/prevent?

    Please see: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= If that is a dynamically assigned IP address, it's former "owner" may have been infected with a virus. If you've had that IP address for a while then I'd guess that you are infected with a virus/worm. You'll want to make sure that you run a complete virus scan on your machine. You'll also want to download some sort of malware scanner (ie AdAware or SpyBot) and make sure that there are no beasties on your machine.
  11. Chris Parker

    Automatic Virus Notification classified as SPAM

    Please see http://www.cgp.cc/resources/virusbounce.txt I'm open to suggestions! Here's another boilerplate that I use for email netiquette. http://www.cgp.cc/resources/emailguidelines.txt
  12. Chris Parker

    Adware Spreads Quickly on AOL IM

    Great, can't wait for my "friends" to become "infected". I'm going to have to revoke from friend cards by the end of the week...
  13. Chris Parker

    This mail is 3 days old??

    The headers indicate a date of Feb 7th. You may wish to contact your ISP.
  14. Chris Parker

    Spamcop problem

    Very odd. Sounds like someone internal doesn't like spamcop ... since an ISP is paid to carry traffic, not paid to dump it...
  15. Chris Parker

    How Do I Get More Information About A Reporter?

    Well, the email in the reported spam had: mi.. at ..r.com Not sure how many of them start with "MI" and end with "R.COM" Might be enough to see who to watch, or contact directly...
  16. Chris Parker

    Good XML Books?

    Anyone have any recommendations for any good books on XML?
  17. Chris Parker

    Blacklisting of known legit newsletters...

    Could you please give specific examples with IP addresses of the servers in question? Anecdotal comments are not useful in resolving situations.
  18. Chris Parker

    mailhost registration

    You'd have to elaborate as to what this mailhost registration service is.
  19. Chris Parker

    Spam vs the Right to Communicate

    I would agree that any ISP doing mail filtering should advise their clients what they are doing so. Hence the bazillion comments that will come down the line telling you to contact your ISP. If you are willing to post the IP address here, myself, or others may be able to tell you the extent of the spam that is coming from the server in the Ukraine. It's nice to know both sides of the story.
  20. Chris Parker

    Load Balanced ISPs (FatPipe)- Routing? DNS?

    deputies<at>spamcop.net (It's not nice to post email addresses in the clear these days -- replace the <at> with [at])
  21. Chris Parker

    Spam vs the Right to Communicate

    Reports are sent to those listed as responsible for the IP listed (in most cases) Just as you have a right to communicate, other have the right to *not* communicate with those reported to be the source of spewage. Without spamcop (and other similiar services) I would be getting an extra 1000+ pieces of unsolicted email a day. Spammers ruin it for everyone. Your options are twofold. Either switch to an ISP that does not use spamcop or convince the personal managing the server in the Ukraine that they need to fix their spam problem. What I do not understand is why you are *not* strongly urging the server operator from allowing spam to come from his system. Your rights are not being infringed upon. *YOU* have chosen to use a carrier that *CHOOSES* to take measures to eliminate spam. You have the right to *CHOOSE* an ISP that does not do that. Using the same logic the criminals should go after government for taking away their freedom to steal... Why should the rest of the internet be forced to deal with spam because *YOU* are unwilling to change providers and someone else is unwilling to secure their server?
  22. Chris Parker

    Load Balanced ISPs (FatPipe)- Routing? DNS?

    You can send an email to deputies at spamcop.net for additional information.
  23. Chris Parker

    Good XML Books?

    If someone knows of a GOOD tutorial, I'd be interested in hearing about it.
  24. Chris Parker

    How do I get information on my Accusers?

    Reports were sent to abuse at inflow dot net. You may wish to contact them. You'll also want to get rDNS setup for your server's IP address as many mail admins (like AOL) choose to refuse mail from servers that don't have a PTR record for the server's IP. You may also wish to send an email to deputies at spamcop dot net who'll be able to provide you some better information as to why you are listed. I see that your machine has been sending to spamtraps. If you are running AV software on the server you'll want to disable the virus notification feature as that feature often send notifications to forged email addresses. Looks like you are running Exchange. You'll want to also make sure that all your role accounts (admin, guest, webmaster, etc) are either disabled or have non-trivial passwords as spammer are now trying to exploit default and role accounts on exchange servers. You'll also want to look at the configuration of the machine as does not appear to be identifying itself correctly (it's responding with mail01.westwood200 without the trailing .com .net or whatever is is supposed to be).
  25. Chris Parker

    Does spammer's ISP take spamcop seriously ?

    It depends on the ISP. Unfortnately since ChinaNet is not in the US there is not a lot that people in the US can do other than ask their ISP's to filter their mail.