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    Why was I blocked?

    Someone from execulink.com was here earlier and posted the following topic: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=170. It looks like the issue *may* be resolved now. I'd try to resend you message and if it still bounces let us know.
  2. Chris Parker

    why is listed? need help

    Try deputies [at] spamcop . net. Yes, that is the disadvantage of mole accounts. While they protect the reporters, they hinder those involved that actually care. Spams spoil it again. Possible also that an employee sent out an email to everyone on his contact list and those were reported as spam.
  3. Chris Parker

    why is listed? need help

    http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= At least two people reported that they received spam from that IP. Possible the reporters were in "mole" status, in that reports are not sent. You'll want to drop a line to deputies at spamcop dot net and include the IP that you are asking about. As long as there are no additional spam reports, the listing should come off within 48 hours of the most recent report.
  4. Chris Parker

    Invision Power Board

    Yes, I prefer the threading of NNTP, but will deal with it. We'll probably see less messages straying off-topic! I, too, would also like to be able to see the IP address of the poster.
  5. Chris Parker

    Valid Host discarded as forgery...

    Looks like the chain is being broken... If you can fix that it would help. You might want to send an email to deputies at spamcop dot net. (It *could* be a problem with nas.net not properly adding headers)
  6. Chris Parker

    Automatic Virus Notification classified as SPAM

    As a mail admin I have, and continue to with each new virus, write filter rules to reject virus notifications from improperly configured AV software. The support hassles of having to deal with clients that have been mislead to believe they are infected is amazing. I've heard about the creation of block lists specifically designed to block servers that create these types of abuse...
  7. Chris Parker

    Suggestion: country blacklists

    If I'm not mistaken a good portion of their network was just added to SPEWS. (residential blocks, not their mail servers)
  8. Chris Parker

    I'm VERY angry!

    I wish my issues were that easy. Without filtering I'd get over 600 pieces of spam A DAY. Even at 2 seconds to identify the mail as spam it'd take me 20 minutes to just delete my spam.
  9. From looking at some of the posts in news.admin.net-abuse.sightings concerning that IP address it appears that their system is spitting out support tickets to people's email addresses that have been forged as the from address in spam. Something you'll need to take up with them. They may need to change some of the email addresses those that use the service are using.
  10. Can you post the IP or error message? YOU should whitelist them in that case.
  11. Chris Parker

    Not sure how well SpamCop is working...

    Spamcop blocks by IP address, not email address, domain name, or user. Spamtraps are addresses that have never been used which should never get any mail. Any mail to them is unsolicted. Viruses are not to be reported using the spamcop system. There is the possibility that viruses *could* send to spam traps. But, in your case, there is no spam trap activity. You'll need to contact the hosting company. You may wish to send your mail through your ISP's mail servers rather than via your hosting company. The IP will be delisted about 48 hours after the last spam report. You may wish to directly contact one of the deputies and see if they'll provide you additional information concerning the listing.
  12. Chris Parker


    Where did you hear that? Show some proof of that? I use the blocklist on our servers and I do not pay a cent! I think he was confusing querying the block list (Query cost FAQ) with the $1000 charge to have direct access to the list (Direct access FAQ) I, too, choose to query the list for free.
  13. Chris Parker

    Problem with Blacklist

    Working fine from here.
  14. Chris Parker


    I'd say that mailblocks stands to lose a lot of money if they don't stop spamming.
  15. Chris Parker

    mailblocks.com rant

    No, mailblocks.com generates spam. If I didn't send a message to anyone using their system, why should I have to deal with challenge messages in response to spam with forged headers? mailblocks can *easy* fix their problem. Have them contact me. They will come off the list 48 hours after mailblocks stops spamming. Yup. You cannot defeat spam by creating it. result will be what? nothing? The flaw is with mailblocks, not spamcop. Nope, free for almost everyone.
  16. Chris Parker

    Help - I've been blacklisted

    Reports we sent to : abuse(at)alabanza.com You may want to direct them here: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...=
  17. Chris Parker

    Help - I've been blacklisted

    Unlikely that this listing has anything to due with viruses. Spamcop has not published your business name as a spammer. Spamcop has published a list of IP addresses that people have complained about. Spamcop has not restricted your access to anything. Mail admins have chosen to consult the spamcop blocklist. *They* have restricted your access to their mail server. You can contact them by phone, snail mail, fax, or from a different email address and ask them to whitelist that particular Earthlink server. This listing does not appear to have anything to do with virus activity. Spamcop does not look at the from addresses is messages. The listing is because Earthlink has configured that particular mail server is such a way that *anyone* in the world can send spam from it. This listing issue is not about *you*. It's about Earthlink allowing anyone to send spam from that machine who wants to. I don't think that anyone is is doubting that. You may wish to use a hotmail, yahoo, or other webmail account until Earthlink secures their server.
  18. Chris Parker

    Formerly open relay dodo.mail.pas.earthlink.net []

    Unlikely that the listing was due to the virus. Their server is an open relay -- meaning *anyone* can send junkmail through it. Spamcop has not published your business name, nor said that *YOU* are a spammer, only that people have reported receiving spam from that particular IP address. Your access has not been restricted by spamcop. Other mail admins have chosen to consult spamcop. You can contact them by phone, snail mail, or a different email service and ask the to whitelist Earthlink's server. You should read this post: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35 This spamcop issue has nothing to do with viruses. It's a technical issue that Earthlink can resolve. Spamcop does not list people's email addresses.
  19. Chris Parker

    Formerly open relay dodo.mail.pas.earthlink.net []

    Generally best to start a new thread so people don't get confused as to what they are responding to. Unlikely. http://openrbl.org/ip/207/217/120/99.htm The Earthlink machine appears to be an open relay at the moment, meaning that *anyone* can send mail from it -- and apparently has. Your issue is with Earthlink -- not spamcop. Generally making threats of legal action when one does not understand the issues involved makes one look less than professional. Spamcop has done nothing other than publish a list of IP addresses that people have complained about. The listing will be removed about 48 hours after the most recent spam complaint.
  20. Chris Parker

    Help - I've been blacklisted

    I really don't know. Only you and/or your ISP can answer that question. I'm guessing that since the reverse lookup of the IP is host100.apollohosting.com that it's a shared server. You'll want to call your ISP and ask them why they are allowing people to spam from their network.
  21. Chris Parker

    Help - I've been blacklisted

    If you look here: http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= You'll see that the machine in question has been sending to spamtraps. If this machine is solely your it looks like it's been compromised. If this machine is used to host multiple users, or handle mail from multiple people then it appears that the provider has a spammer on their network. The IP will be removed about 48 hours after the most recent spam report.