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  1. Even pass change goes to spam?!?
  2. what is MORE strange to me - it worked for another mail at the same host! Mailhost name: Email address: hrlawye{_at } Hosts/Domains: Relaying IPs: - I am not shure - should I paste the URL where I get that?!?;...hBtGlKbQd9jgZ4H - a little ammended - here it is... 10x! Mailhosts - it is from my session - I will find and post the header of the message which passed thru the test! Here it is! Moderator EDIT: Removed secret code
  3. I sent a ticket to that host, from what I have found, their level of spam assasin is very low - 4, that is why, my wild guess is, it is rejecting mail from over here... what else I can do?!?