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  1. Hello, lately I'm getting lots of mails with URLs which are not detected by spamcop. There are simply some spaces added between the dots. For example something like this: www . domain . invalid Is it possible to create a workaround for this? Thanks and Regards, BoMbY
  2. Hello, i've just received a spam message, with a faked SMTP header entry: Received: from unknown (HELO mohamand) ( by uhweb150XX.united-hoster.com with SMTP; 25 Nov 2006 22:23:13 +0100 Received: from (HELO mx2.magic.fr) by x.de with esmtp (0T*7Y0,8T1+) 5448M) id N1J5XA-KY>+R;-A0 for x[at]x.de; Sat, 25 Nov 2006 21:22:52 -0120 The first entry is the correct SMTP header entry from my mail server. The second one is completely faked. (x[at]x.de is the mail address where the spam was send to, and x.de is the correct hostname). The from-IP-address which was used, seems to be chosen from the spammer (maybe randomly). The problem is: The SpamCop parser (and maybe others) takes this faked SMTP entry for real and blame the wrong target. Is there a way to avoid this, or maybe to build in a workaround for something like this in SpamCop? Thanks and Regards, BoMbY Edit: PS: Maybe it's possible to verify the whole way through the SMTP servers (by matching the "from IP" of every entry with the "by IP" from the entry before)?