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    Avoiding LOGIN page?

    I still have never resolved this issue, I hate having to enter all that data so I seldom log in. If it is the case that IE is blocking remembering info just for this one page, does anyone know how to undo that block?
  2. Is there anyway to stop having to type my email address and password every time I want to access my spamcop email? Or some way to get 'autocomplete' to work on the login page?
  3. So if I understand this discussion correctly, there is no way around having to type in my entire email name and password when I want to use my webmail access to spamcop? It really is a nuisance, that's what I have a computer for is to eliminate tasks like that from my life.
  4. kornylak

    How to use tags, in OE

    Exactly, which is my original question. How does one use OE to filter the email based on the header lines inserted by spamcop. I know how to filter by from, to, subject, content, but no idea how to sort by the info spamcop puts into the header.
  5. kornylak

    How to use tags, in OE

    When I set spamcop to TAG ONLY, I recieved email in OE that had no tag added to the subject line. There were various lines added to the header, but nothing on the subject line, that's what prompted me to ask this question.
  6. I want to use the spamcop option of taging my spam email and then retrieving it all into my Outlook Express, and using filters to put it into a SpamBox for review. After an hour looking around I don't see any help on how to do this. Please tell me how to set up OE to work with the tag option.