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    Blocked or Not?

    Ok. Sorry, wont happen again. I've asked for an IP removal at the URL Steven mentioned me. Hope it solves the problem for now. But I still don't understand what Steven meant by creating a unique pointer.
  2. platone

    Blocked or Not?

    The reason is why I'm using own mailserver instead of ISP's is because I simply don't trust them (and I have a good reason for that). What do you mean by "creating a unique pointer"? can you explain me how to do that.
  3. platone

    Blocked or Not?

    Hmmm... I don't think I understand what you're saying :S I'm using dynDNS updater (software) as well. So i set up this acount "digitalgyor.dyndns.info" in my internet hostname at Kerio's domain configuration. And I'm using the same PC for mail server as I'm working on. I'also have a D-link router that has got the ip: My router is set to DHCP so I gt the IP. I don't know if this information is enough to tell the problem :S Tell me If need more info plz. Thanks.
  4. platone

    Blocked or Not?

    I've posted my IP in the other topic but i post it here as well : Hope guys you can help me:S
  5. platone

    Blocked or Not?

    My IP is: Thanks in advance
  6. platone

    Blocked or Not?

    Hy! I think someone is missreporting my ip in your and other spam databases. My inernet provider keeps on giving me the same ip. I continously get blocked. What can i do against it? Changing my Internet provider would be a good start? I have a good reason to think they do it on purpose. I 've checked your database if my IP is blocked, and it turned out to be not. But when I'm trying to send my e-mai through Kerio Mail Server it says: Result: delayed, Status: 4.1.8 451 4.7.1 Blacklisted by bl.spamcop.net. So, is t blocked or not? I'm confused. Anyone can give me a good explanation for this? Thanx.