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    Emails not being received

    Can not get mail from xxxx_1{AT}spamcop.net to my web account at spectrum. Get error when reply to send to new hosts. Want my mail forwarded from spamcop to my spectrum account
  2. Hatespam~~

    Emails not being received

    I am not getting any mail from my spamcop account. How to fix please.
  3. Hatespam~~

    Block entire domain

    Do you know the answer or not ???? I looked and did not find anything to help me. You seem to be the Hitler on this list. Take your list and shove it. This is the second time you came back with a a**h*#e answer. Ban me, I am out of here, ask for help and retards like you respond. What a a**h*#e you must be.
  4. I have a spamcop account and use the web mail spamcop to filter mail before I download to Eudora. I receive 100-200 spams a day. The subject line is the same for about 30 days then changes to another one. Under blacklist filters in spamcops web e-mail options, I wish to block an entire domain. For example:; I do not now, or ever, wish to receive mail from ....[at]cn.com ( the cn domain ). I have tried to make a filter to block all e-mail from cn.com as below: *.*[at].cn.com **[at].cn.com *[at]cn.com The filter will not take in my spamcop account. Suggestions........... Thank you
  5. Hatespam~~

    Split off from What should I do ??, Attack

    I had asked a question which at the time I thought was clear. I did not know that YOU were not able to SEE the tech descriptions ( URL to spamcops data ). The response to me was to read FAQs like I was some kind of small child, not only that, I was to wander somewhere for something. A dignified response would have been to inform me that the question was not understood and please post again, PLEASE and THANK YOU. Thank you. Moderator Edit: removed a ton of unneeded vertical whitespace, a quoted Reply that had no content seen in the Reply posted ..... and this post was made apparently trying to correct a previous post that ended up containing only the Quoted post ....
  6. Hatespam~~

    What should I do ??

    You did not understand the question nor the problem. You should wander over to the dictionary and look up the meaning of the phrase " a**hole response ". So much for help...........
  7. Hatespam~~

    What should I do ??

    Since I am new to this forum, welcome, and excuse me till I learn about this list. I really pis**ed off a telephone spammer, unfortunally I gave them my spam e-mail. EVERY day I get about 100 e-mails with the same message. Although spamcops filters stop it as held mail, some get through to EUDORA and if I dont check the held mail every day, after a couple of days, it gets to be 500 waiting. Course, I have to look at them all to see what is legit. What can I do?, links below if you need see some examples: http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=p...net&id=7100 http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=p...net&id=7101 http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=p...net&id=7109