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    Blocking My Mail

    I just agree with you, mms_crazy.
  2. I've just tried for the tenth time to send an email from my www.laposte.net account and have it bounced bc of your sh**** blacklist which blocks mx.laposte.net I'M DAMN SICK of your practice, please check at least that the servers you block aren't popular free email brokers before showing off your pretended spam blocking skills ("Beware of cheap imitations Other sites pretend to be "the" SpamCop. This site started in 1998 and remains the premier spam reporting service. Recognized by ISPs, search engines and the press. Google lists over 4,000 sites linking to spamcop.net. ") And real spam isn't even blocked. You just s**k. Moderator edit - title change - deleted "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - replaced with "Please"