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  1. Still running smoking fast - for about 3 or days now. Thanks spamcop for fixing it.
  2. Thanks for the info. I did send a message yesterday. It's back to blazing fast again today. We'll see if it holds
  3. Who contatcted the deputies the last time. It's back to painfully slow and staying there.
  4. Sunday morning - should be the fastest time of the week. Still bad 10-12 send spam 23-25 secs send reports.
  5. Joy too soon. Sending spam still OK5-7 secs. Sending reports crap again 23-28 sec.
  6. WOOOOHOOOOO Smokin today 8-13 secons sending spam and 1-2 secs sending reports If this holds - vunderbagh. Thanks for contacting them!!!!!!
  7. Today, the process spam took slightly less time 15-30 sec. Send reports still bad at 45 sec to 1 minute. Think the deputies need to read some of the posts. As many people who are reporting slow times from web submittal indicates there is an issue.
  8. I'm using a true 2.9mb/sec connection and know it's not on my end. Today it's worse than normal with up to 1 minute processing spam and a minute reporting it. In this case misery doesn't love company - just glad others are speaking up.
  9. I have signed up for a paid "fuel" account in the hope of speeding up my reporting. When reporting spam, the wait screen is gone however it still takes 15-30 seconds for spamcop to respond. When sending reports it can take even longer. It varies and does not follow a pattern. Here it is Sunday morning which would seem to me to be slow time for spamcop and it was running as slow as could be. None of the other websites I use are experiencing this. What gives?