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  1. I am not an openrelay, can you provide me with info why am I blocked ? - poczta.stalko-polska.com.pl Sincerelly stranGer
  2. stranGer - blocked again

    I am only remote administrator and I informed proper persons to do some investigations on users desktops. It seems to me that problem has been solved (hopefully). Now Spamcop tells me that it takes 1 hour to be delisted... thank you very much for all suggestions! stranGer
  3. stranGer - blocked again

    Thank you, Certainly, I had 1 user with vacation message - it's removed now, also I have changed greylisting scri_pt from qgreylist to qgreylistrbl (http://www.datenklause.de/en/software/qgreylistrbl.html) Should I wait all 21 hours or is it possible to remove my server from list immediately ? regards stranGer