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    Using fetchmail with cron job on cpanel

    Thanks for replying The cpanel settings are: kernel machine type i686 cpanel build 10.90.0-RELEASE cpanel build Theme cpanel x v2.6.0 cpanel pro 1.0(RC36) For fetchmail, the sever was added as pop.mail.yahoo.com with my username and password, no remote box, and chose to save in inbox, with the cronjob hours minutes and seconds selected with it's own program interface, and the command: /usr/bin/fetchmail -s as the cronjob however the emailed results says: fetchmail: no mailservers have been specified. I have run out of ideas and suggestions.
  2. I am trying to run a cron job on cpanel using fetchmail, I would like to do this every hour, can someone clarify for me what the command is?