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    No reports filed?

    Okay, I guess the problem where my reports were truncated was temporary. The only problem now is the one report where it says "No reports filed". Should I try processing it again?
  2. choicefresh

    No reports filed?

    I pasted the messages into the website and clicked "Process spam". My report history has now been completely truncated. Even reports I sent a long time ago do not exist in my report history.
  3. choicefresh

    No reports filed?

    I just processed and reported two spam messages. The first one, in the report history, has the words "No reports filed" under it. The next email I processed does not even show up in the report history. Did those reports even send?
  4. choicefresh

    FAQ: POP'ing GMAIL spam

    You can also: 1. Go to http://www.freepops.org/en/ and install FreePOPs. 2. Make sure you put FreePOPs in your Startup folder so it is always running. It uses very little resources to leave it running. 3. Go to http://www.freepops.org/en/viewplugin.php?plugin=gmail and read about the Gmail.lua plugin. 4. Download this plugin and make sure it is in the FreePOPs Program Files directory with all the other ".lua" files. It may already be there. 5. Set up a separate "Gmail spam" account in Thunderbird. Under "Server Settings", make sure that you: A. Set the "Server Name" to "localhost" only. B. Set the "Port" to "2000". C. Set "User Name" to "your_acct[at]gmail.com?folder=spam" where "your_acct" is your Gmail account name. It is critical that you do NOT capitalize any of the letters in the "User Name" field. D. For "Use secure connection", you MUST make sure the "Never" is selected. 6. You will be asked for your password the first time you connect and have the option to have Thunderbird save the password for future connections. Taken from http://www.castlecops.com/postx159435-0-15.html, SB06794's post. [edit - plugin link fixed]
  5. choicefresh

    SpamCop cannot parse header

    The spam I submit usually parses succesfully. Those are the headers I got from Gmail. Are you saying I have a virus or Google does?
  6. I got a 419 email and sent it to SpamCop, and it has correct headers, but SpamCop will not parse it. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1251250418zb...53f35e60a20556z
  7. choicefresh

    somedomain.com not parsed

  8. choicefresh

    somedomain.com not parsed

    Some spam emails I receive include links. A lot of times, SpamCop will just get to the "Resolving link obfuscation" part, and display the link, but not do anything with it. I heard that you should refresh, but that doesn't always work. Am I doing something wrong?