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    E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP

    I just had yet another email rejected by hughes.net Incredably, it was rejected because it had the Subject: line that read "To start a brawl" which, when I changed the Subject: line to "The Preserve," hughes.net's mailer accepted the email and sent it on its way. Frankly I cannot imagine what is offensive or spam-like in "To start a brawl." I will look for the work-arounds you have mentioned. How confident are you that Free SMTP Server is not malicious? Could it be sending email, or other information, that you are not aware of?
  2. Desertphile

    E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP

    Indeed, I use hughes.net and it not only rejects reports being submitted to SpamCop, but also rejects complaints I try to send to various ISP's abuse email addresses. It even rejcts the following email I tried to send to a friend of mine: I do not see anything sinister in the above, but hughes.net's spam filter does.