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  1. After two months of trying to get any technical support for my SC paid email account, I'm giving up on SC for email and moving to a hosting company that actually has support via email and phone. Anyone know how to get a refund from SpamCop? Terms of service say: "Refunds are cheerfully given upon request if you find that you can't use the system for some reason." That's a nice sentiment, but they don't respond to emails to service[at]cesmail.net and support-cases[at]spamcop.net.
  2. Yes, it's been disappointing, as I had planned to stay with Cesmail forever. The lack of technical support is simply unacceptable. And it didn't use to be that way; in years past the support staff were very responsive. My main reason for requesting a refund was the hope of finally getting someone to respond and offer tech support. That didn't happen, and, no surprise, spamcop is ignoring my request for a refund.
  3. Really? Two months is "a timely manner"? All I can get is automated responses "Thank you for your message. We have received it and will get back to you as soon as possible.", and responses saying "I've sent it to Jeff to take a look at." After 10+ years with SC I am not looking for a reason to leave, and I am doing so reluctantly, but there has to be some reasonable level of support for a paid account.
  4. Sounds like the same problem I'm experiencing, except I'm just Releasing a message, and the message ends up in Held Mail and marked in pink as "Important". I have reported this problem but apparently only Jeff can work on it, and Jeff reported that he couldn't duplicate it. So I took screen shots when the problem occurs and sent those to spamcop support 3 days ago, no reply yet. The Held messages are automatically deleted after 7 days and it takes SC support that long to look at anything. So what I did was blacklist a dummy email address, and send email to myself from that address. Those messages end up being Held so the problem can be easily demonstrated. What I would suggest is that you make a problem report referencing "(Case 49920)" in the subject so that our problems are kept together and SC support doesn't start anew on your issue.
  5. djporter

    Problems with Yahoo! Plus

    You may be experiencing the same problem I had with receiving confirmation emails from Fresh & Easy Markets and REI. Neither would send confirmation email to my spamcop email (cesmail.net) despite repeated tries. It turned out that these companies have intentionally blocked outgoing emails to the spamcop domain because of past problems with getting reported for spamming. What you could try is setting up another email account somewhere and see if Yahoo will confirm to that address.
  6. This problem is still occurring. Any other ideas? No response from spamcop support.
  7. Emails from REI.com to my cesmail.net address stopped recently, and I contacted the IT people at REI to find out why. Turns out they outsource their mailing to epsilon.com, and epsilon won't email to the spamcop domain. So I had to use a gmail account to continue receiving REI emails. This is exactly what happened to me with Fresh and Easy markets back in December 2011, http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12142 Seems like my cesmail.net address is becoming increasingly useless as a permanent email address. Maybe time to go.
  8. I think that's the same report made from the webmail "Problem" icon. I did make a report there before trying the forum but no response so far.
  9. It used to work for me and doesn't now, that's why I'm reporting it. I'm a 10+ year user of SC, and I know this is new behavior. If you look in my webmail Held Folder, you can see 3 messages that were Forwarded from spamcop.net but did not get released to POP. Thanks.
  10. This problem is still occurring as of today. It's really a pain to have to switch outgoing servers based on who I'm sending to. Any hope of this ever being resolved?
  11. djporter

    Mail/dns issues

    Me too. Going to gmail I guess.
  12. I applied online for an affinity card with Fresh & Easy grocery chain: https://friends.freshandeasy.com/microsite/ The verification email never arrived at my cesmail.net account after repeated attempts over several weeks. I tried with and without grey listing enabled. I made a problem report to spamcop, and received a reply that a dns check had been made and there was no problem on the spamcop side. Today I finally contacted a tech support person at F&E and tried some experiments. She repeatedly sent test emails to my spamcop address and none were received. I then had her send the same test emails to newly created yahoo and gmail accounts. I immediately received the emails at those accounts but never to cesmail.net. I don't have access to their server logs, but the headers of one of the emails is included below. So how is this possible? Why can't I use my spamcop email account with Fresh & Easy, but have no problems with Yahoo and gmail accounts? I've been insisting to F&E that the problem was not on my end, when apparently it is. Any help with this would be appreciated. These are the full headers received for the Yahoo email: From Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Tue Jan 10 00:13:38 2012 X-Apparently-To: d3324p[at]yahoo.com via; Mon, 09 Jan 2012 16:13:40 -0800 Return-Path: <bounce-62194_html-360899352-1909166-1053036-29968[at]bounce.s4.exacttarget.com> Received-SPF: pass (domain of bounce.s4.exacttarget.com designates as permitted sender) CQoJCQoJCiAgCQoJCQoJCiAgCiAgCiAgCiAgCiAgICAKICAKICAKICAgIAog ICAgCgkJCgkJCQoJCSAJCQoJCSAJCQkKCQkgCQkJCQoJCSAJCQkJCQoJCSAJ CQkJCQoJCSAJCQkJCQoJCSAJCQkJCgkJIAkJCQoJCSAJCQoJCQkKCQkJCgkg IAkJCQoJICAgIAkKCQkJCgkJIAkJCgkJIAkJCQoJCSAJCQkJCgkJIAkJCQkJ CgkJIAkJCQkJRm9yZ290IHlvdXIgcGFzc3dvcmQ_IExldCcBMAEBAQE- X-YMailISG: 1IQqoxgWLDvwRx4o8x.0RyW_9L1yN_B4dQEiioFpJYtiJCX1 UESnU6M8rRkhAHiJU56dvKbBmAIaNRODIT654yGyqfHSrspETKHa2Jxg7gNb HihvGsa83MnZapzHElF4PZLQNKpWQjW9IARr8ebTi17bs21CNuB62YbV5p1B 4ZkVApSEc3XLP_ORzGn4ZC.SnF8YYpLcgyg2clVKNFgflrMkV.YCwD08Ghlj _fdA15391pFleJkCl80EcAHOdJjq42w5LcagZwX2cRHwZL9iCO34PLqAUtqY v9Geui.DPqzuhmtTbs_ywZq72U.7Ew3sZijrPL3VDicgU0VPpGvfshWP6u9y vS54iJJo4C.PXUY3vvQreg4h.ihbC4H1J5W7FSSGs0qawuICPFAk5pD7afji QWDQgPq6avgwcQaLtMeGFbE3d0V_H1xlI9xTdgsYm38YmhOnx36juEjyUXMT 8iU3kLpV4UbY_3cWCq3b4f3Fz8tqzkUVTqzmm6gAjW.pnIwiSk1PwMlycldp Scim2_ohDTNRMrXOqEv48aX9i95ycxI36_EG5VAHdoqdH8W_y3JVNiSmzALE 7iupg3fRN8zbf39E8Nrkj0aW6bZiZaUmXRTVvqaAXt90MlrirRjBaBOrt0a7 nWskrn49yXHXAj9PCSDp8BqrayiHT9T_KK8vKBcwU7YK7K_RNKUFbHS6hN6k xgUCBMcpEkyRbzL1MzgAZOEoOXv4Y89JPOlk2C_33pxlFPj5u9ANOwpRZazt BEc7uiSzAcPJpocwBnPeHYz16wLkws.G7FoTtoE9QwxY9I96wCYcNUtVmnWt 01ClDX6yNNQKjjqWcXNTkW1_OLwqVHRngjPWFR0tIfXLIRWWGzCmK9oDXJqd .2r.SYjKVBu1ock49oF_Yw32abzjCcfi9ASpMnnJk0o_rxn3vEvRI3sQZVzh BGBBjkZ1B6XphJ897RIKGYrOQmoM7ZouIWYCsAEfHYwCVIAZJgaHoDnaVqLQ iD22zlnpNkrFTZzQC.j0P.16ChXGVU7oey3jagF7Kf19MFalhlK7FXG6plo0 GysIbhj1YWdpQmVDPYarubPjahwQvwhg2669xysj7mqJnsJonGxatPT0ru8H NeqPsgr9gassg3wB6jjfRNXgyjMdesdmMn5jT0FGGV87dtCSIqiJTPFB9hsx h36Ptd5meKmY_6JARrcpo0Y718.i9LRz8pe0_aC5toFpxL0QoKq4SNZwS9n8 HKpO3xW5Gzq8ceuHt1kV3U28SoXu_Ub4QIYEtkqfgKTuVfHJBlakjj6kFco5 OVNCNv.xwsH86iH_Cgqq5hFDdIBPOAIhuFM- X-Originating-IP: [] Authentication-Results: mta1357.mail.mud.yahoo.com from=reply.freshandeasy.com; domainkeys=neutral (no sig); from=reply.freshandeasy.com; dkim=neutral (no sig) Received: from (EHLO az253.mta.exacttarget.com) ( by mta1357.mail.mud.yahoo.com with SMTP; Mon, 09 Jan 2012 16:13:40 -0800 Received: by az253.mta.exacttarget.com (PowerMTA v3.5r16) id h1em540ie1s8 for <d3324p[at]yahoo.com>; Mon, 9 Jan 2012 21:11:13 -0600 (envelope-from <bounce-62194_HTML-360899352-1909166-1053036-29968[at]bounce.s4.exacttarget.com>) From: "Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market" <no-reply[at]reply.freshandeasy.com> To: <d3324p[at]yahoo.com> Subject: Set your new Friends of fresh&easy password. Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 18:13:38 -0600 List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:leave-fce51272746d00122d502d29-fe221776756c0d74761172-fe8f1579756d057b73-fe9d15707067047e73-feed16797c620c[at]leave.s4.exacttarget.com> MIME-Version: 1.0 Reply-To: "Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market" <reply-fe8f1579756d057b73-62194_HTML-360899352-1053036-29968[at]reply.freshandeasy.com> x-job: 1053036_1909166 Message-ID: <3e8b4547-879f-4cb3-99a6-47344d63b0dc[at]xtnvmta1103.xt.local> Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Length: 9658
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I finally understand some of the issues with the spam reporting and Exact Target. What I fail to understand is why no one involved in this issue, including Fresh & Easy tech support, Exact Target tech support, and SC tech support had any clue to what was going on. And all were contacted repeatedly. Even spam Cop tech support initially reported to me that there was no known cause for this problem, and that's the real issue here for me as an end user of the mail system.
  14. My email address is [at]cesmail.net, as stated in the original post.
  15. I got an explanation today from SC support. Exacttarget.com is the company providing email services for Fresh and Easy. Reportedly exact target "will not send to any email address in the spamcop.net/cesmail.net/cqmail.net domains." So that's the technical explanation, my email address is blacklisted by ET. Why that is happening I'm not sure, but I would guess fallout from some past issues with ET being blacklisted by SC. I wonder if it's possible for SC to maintain a list of which emailers are blacklisting SC addresses. It took weeks to get an explanation for what was happening here.
  16. No, that's not my problem. Forwarding was a possible workaround to not receiving any emails from F&E. Please read my original post. Thanks.
  17. Yes, I've been following your thread. I too have been with Spamcop for 10+ years IIRC, with never a thought of leaving until now. I tried your solution but it didn't appear to work for me: Confirmed that grey listing was off. Set Spamcop to forward to my yahoo email. Sent a test email to my spamcop account and verified that it forwarded to yahoo. Initiated another email from Freshandeasy.com to my spamcop account, and it confirmed that it did not get forwarded to yahoo and is not being held in my Spamcop account. I'm all out of ideas. Need some spamcop tech support on this issue.
  18. ^^^^ Thanks. Good information. I was aware that greylisting could be a problem, or at least raise a question, so greylisting has been disabled from the beginning as I worked to resolve this problem. Repeat: Grey Listing is not an issue here. If anyone wants to duplicate the problem I'm experiencing, just signup for a Friends account at freshandeasy.com using your cesmail address. A confirmation email will be sent to your address (no account will be created).
  19. Thanks for the help. Yes, yahoo and gmail accounts can forward to my cesmail account, and I regularly do that. I ran the diagnostic you referenced and got this result: Resolving host name "mx.cesmail.net"... Connecting to host address ""... Connected. S 220 mx70.cesmail.net ESMTP C HELO ipaddresslocation.org S 250 mx70.cesmail.net C MAIL FROM: <info[at]ipaddresslocation.org> S 250 ok C RCPT TO: <djporter[at]cesmail.net> S 250 ok C DATA S 354 go ahead This host states that the address is valid. Disconnected. djporter[at]cesmail.net is a valid deliverable e-mail box address.
  20. Those were the very first things I tried, with the exception of adding exacttarget.com to my whitelist which I will try now. If this was a simple whitelist or blacklist issue, wouldn't the emails have ended up in the Held Mail folder? I regularly check the Held Mail folder. UPDATE: I confirmed that my black list is empty, and that freshandeasy.com and exacttarget.com are in my whitelist. Then I had another email sent from freshandeasy.com to my cesmail account. It has not been received and is not in my Held Mail folder.
  21. I seem to recall being able to create variations of my email address by using a "+" symbol in the address field, e.g. djporter+test[at]cesmail.net. Mail sent to that address was correctly routed to the underlying address of djporter[at]cesmail.net, the "+" and anything after it was ignored. I just tried to use this feature and it doesn't seem to work. The mail doesn't arrive and there is no bounce message from my smtp server. Anyone know what's going on here? Thanks. UPDATE: The test message did arrive, but delayed by 45 minutes compared to another message(non +) sent at the same time.
  22. Yes, greylisting was enabled. No delay now when I sent a 2nd message to djporter+test[at]cesmail.net. Thanks for the explanation. Don
  23. I always get 30-50 spam emails per day in my spamcop.net "Held" folder. During the last 18 hours, I haven't received a single held email, although I am receiving mail from addresses in my whitelist. Anyone know what's happening here, perhaps system maintenance? I've never experienced a complete stoppage of held spam like this before.
  24. djporter

    What's Going On With Held Mail?

    The 30 - 50 spams I was receiving per day were all getting past the greylisting.
  25. djporter

    What's Going On With Held Mail?

    Just an update, still not a single email in my Held Folder during the last 48 hours. Something has definitely changed with the email processing, as I would expect over 100 Helds by now, based upon much past experience. I'm concerned because I am also missing any false positives that end up as being Held. and now cannot be released. UPDATE: I logged into Webmail and saw current activity in the Grey List Pending folder, but none of the pendings showed more than one attempt. I then turned OFF grey listing and began to receive mail again into my Held folder. CONCLUSION: Something has recently changed with the way Spamcop is handling grey list processing OR suddenly none the spam servers are retrying.