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  1. I recently moved and changed my SC forwarding address from socal.rr.com to wavecable.com. My e-mail and spam reporting appear to be working correctly, but I am getting the "Bounce error" message below several times per day under the "Report spam" tab. I'm puzzled because I'm not aware of any references to socal.rr.com in my configuration now. Any help would be appreciated. ================================================ Bounce error Your email address, djporter[at]cesmail.net has returned a bounce: Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Reason: 5.1.2 - Bad destination host 'DNS Hard Error looking up socal.rr.com (A): domain has no A record' Please ensure your email account is reliable, then click below:
  2. djporter

    repeated "Bounce Error"

    Why does that create a bounce error for socal.rr.com? I don't find an option to "turn off our automatic "Quick reporting data"" in the Report Handling Options section. Unless you mean the field "Personal copies of outgoing reports", which has always been blank. Can you be more specific? Okay, I've changed the "Show Technical Details during reporting" to "Simple Output".
  3. djporter

    repeated "Bounce Error"

    Yes, I did look at the Preferences earlier. Report Handling Options: There are no e-mail address entered here, just default selection of options. Change email address or name: My reports are sent to djporter[at]cesmail.net, as they always have been. The reports are correctly forwarded to the new wavecable address. Nothing in the Preferences tab seems to involve socal.rr.com. I'm out of ideas.
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    repeated "Bounce Error"

    I found only two references to socal.rr.com when I changed over to wavecable.com: 1) The Mailhosts tab at spamcop.net where I deleted socal.rr.com as a mailhost and added wavecable.com. 2) At webmail.spamcop.net, under Options->Spamcop Tools->Forwarding Address, I replaced the socall.rr.com address with a wavecable.com address. I can find no other references to socal.rr.com, the bounce errors are still occurring, but all mail and reporting functions appear to work correctly. Thanks for your help.