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  1. Before the transition I was receiving some sales receipts, bank statements, and other periodic announcements via email to my cesmail.net address. It's now become obvious that most of that email doesn't make it through the Cisco forwarding service. I am getting some personal emails and test emails forwarded correctly, but not the usual bank and financial emails. So much for the vaunted Cisco spam detection, it is not reliable enough to trust going forward.

  2. Forwarding started working again for me sometime overnight. I was one of the people early on getting the "Recipient address rejected" bounce message. However, all my email from after the transition that wasn't forwarded is lost, including receipts that I know were sent to me.

    Going forward, I won't be using my old cesmail.net address for anything important.

  3. Same problem here. Fowarding was working until the transition today. Now I get this bounce message from Google and all other accounts I have tried:

    "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


    Technical details of permanent failure:

    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain cesmail.net by vmx5.spamcop.net. [].

    The error that the other server returned was:

    550 5.1.1 <djporter[at]cesmail.net>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table"

  4. For instance, am I able, and will I be able, to do a bulk spam report with all the spam attached to a single email submitted to Spamcop?

    Yes, you can attach as many spam emails as desired to a single email submittal to SC.

    Mailwasher, as suggested above, is a windows application which limits it's usefulness.

  5. I'm still not sure about this part of my question: "How do I go about converting my Spamcop.net account to [plain old] reporting only...? "

    I want to know if I can keep my account and use it like I did before ces/spamcop-email existed. If so, I'm assuming I'll need a different username. Who do I ask to do all this?

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but reporting should work just as it does now. Do you a spamcop email address for reporting only? Mine is "spamcop reporting <submit.VEnxxxXXXX9DHIFd[at]spam.spamcop.net>", to which I send any spam as attachments to be reported. I don't see this changing after 9/30.

  6. As an exercise I set up SC and Fastmail as if the cut had already occurred and it works a treat, so no problems there.

    No question that the forwarding will work, but all the spam filtering tools are gone, grey, white, black listing, being able to release mail falsely flagged as spam, being able to see what mail is flagged as spam. What's left is pretty much useless.

  7. From a past refund request I did receive this reply from Spamcop Support:

    "Hi -- we do not give refunds past 60 days.


    SpamCop Support


    Please make sure you leave the case number in the subject every time you email us.


    Currently my SC account expires in one week, not enough time to migrate to a new email service, so I'm forced into renewing for $30. But I do plan to cancel by September 30th and open a case with the cc company for a prorated refund.

    SC ought to do the right thing here and give us a grace period to 9/30 to renew.

  8. What's mystifying me as their email wasn't very clear, is apparently all mail can still be forwarded to SC Email and filtered, but will we still be able to look at the webmail to check if legit mail has been caught in error and if so, release it?

    If it can be then everything continues as before except I'm going to have to do some adjustments with one of my email clients and forward all SC filtered mail to it and in turn use IMAP to pull it onto my computer from that email client.

    If the above is the case, I don't understand why they are changing anything because mail will still be using their servers, and all they really are doing is reducing access.

    My interpretation is that all remains as before except the webmail "inbox" tab goes away, and we have to forward mail from SC no more pop or imap.

    My concern is why is SC doing this. It looks like some sort of a phased winding down of services leading to the complete elimination of the email service.

  9. Maybe a moderator could combine the two threads. Or we could just stick to this one.

    My account expires 8/18 so I'm certainly wondering how to proceed.

    It sounds as if the webpage will still exist but the "inbox" tab goes away. Will all the other "spamcop options" still be there like filter lists, white lists, black lists? Lots of unanswered questions.

  10. Spamcop use to block close to all my spam. Now it's in the 20% range. I have all the lists checked, and have spam assassin set to 3. This use to work very well, now it does not anymore.

    Same thing here, all lists checked, spam assassin set to 3, greylisting enabled, and lots of spam gets through. Then when I do report the spam most of the reports are just devnulled so nothing is really reported by SC.