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    Spamcop blacklisting the Shaw servers

    I very much appreciated your time and efforts in providing such a detailed response especially the efforts of those who continue to fight spam abusers. They are the real target of my frustrations. Best Regards, wolfclan
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    Spamcop blacklisting the Shaw servers

    iscussions? Forgive me for being new to your site and not being familiar with the nuts and bolts. I have spent a great deal of time already getting here. If your time is so precious then don't respond. Pointing out the hard work that has gone into your forum is aknowledged however this appeared to be a new issue at least for me. This is the first time I have heard of spamcop and the first time it has interfered with my emailing. I was merely looking for an answer that I was unable to get from Shaw. They said it was a "known issue." The parties I emailed to had no knowledge they were not getting email from Shaw users nor were they aware they were under the protection of spamcop. The statement by the Shaw techie pointed out spamcop so I was trying to get an answer. Here's a link provided http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? I presume then it is Shaw that needs to resolve this problem at their end and accordingly there is no short answer to my problem.
  3. Can someone provide an intelligent explanation as to WHY Spamcop has blacklisted the Shaw servers as I have been told in a reply to my emailed complaint to Shaw tech support? I am told many businesses including my own have been affected by this. I certainly won't be using a service that allows this to happen. There is a current known issue with Spamcop blacklisting the Shaw servers. The domain you are sending to are using the Spamcop blacklist therefore messages sent to their servers will be blocked and will return an error message. Our administrators are aware of this problem are currently in negotiations with Spamcop to have Shaw removed from their blacklist. We thank you for your patience at this time. Alternatively you can use a separate email account from Google(Gmail), Yahoo or MSN when a primary email account does not work. At least in this manner you will still be in contact with your recipient while the issue is being worked on.