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    Work email blocked!

    Ok, there are lots of things I don't understand in the last three posts, except the fact 49 has been delisted. So thanks again for your help. I intend to be back here on Monday after the weekend to try to untangle the various bits of jargon :-)
  2. Saipem

    Work email blocked!

    Don't worry, I've been reading around so I understand why we can't find out about the spam traps, just thought there might have been more recent reports. And I don't want to over step my position by dealing directly with spam corp, when my IT department should be. I can't really complain to IT that the problem hasn't been fixed if we could have been blocked because of badly set up auto-responses (is that right?) and I don't have some proof that that IP is still sending out spam. THat is interesting. Considering the size of the company that's not much at all, there must be loads of gateways, which means either my part of the company only use a small proportion of them, or I've been very very unlucky. That means that all those 100k emails are blacklisted (if spam corp doesn't condone blocking why do most people call it a "Blocklist"?). I guess I can assume that someone else is complaining too! :looking on the Sendbase Help now to work out what the numbers mean... under common tasks it says this: "It is also useful to abuse desk managers tasked with investigating". Originally thought there was a pause between abuse and desk :-) Hmmm, so would an 800% increase in mail in the last 24 hours suggest spam? http://www.senderbase.org/search?searchBy=...g= Great. :-(
  3. Saipem

    Work email blocked!

    Hmmm, I was assuming being relisted was because of spam since the last listing, all those were before or during the original listing. Is it possible that the problem has been fixed but the reports have come in after the problem was fixed? Ok so this means there is still definitely a problem? Is it possible to give me a few identifiable spam from more recently? as it would help me complain to the IT manager. Yeah I've asked them to check the email addresses, I don't think they are right, but I can't do anything to fix that except annoy my IT department, and we've got to remeber I'm tryign to do my job at the same time. Yeah I did basically suggest that, but I may have been to subtle. My next comunication will be more direct. I'm afraid I'm not sure I'm getting the point of those stats, doesn't that suggest that in the last 30 days the mail volume through that IP has gone down to half what it averages, and the volume in the last day is up, but still down on the average? What is that average based on?
  4. Saipem

    Work email blocked!

    No I wasn't, don't worry, despite my comments about being a computer illiterate Peon, I am literate enough to run a redhat linux box at home and be my departments unofficial IT support. I'm glad you didn't, beause it's not. The same IP has been listed again. would it be possible for you to give me a list of the emails again (I assume it's something new?) so I can badger the IT manager. You are right, I meant to send a quote of your email to the people in question, now that I've been blocked again, well, I've done it. Although, I do know my address has been spoofed in the past for spam (it's an odd experience receiving a mail from yourself that you've not sent! and then working out if it should go on the block senders list made my head hurt!) so obviously if they whitelist my address they will get the spoofed emails won't they?
  5. Saipem

    Work email blocked!

    Cool, so I'm working for the UK arm of an italian company, all my email gets sent to italy to go through a gateway there only to be handled by the italian arm of British telecom! I'm afraid I can't tell you if they are correct, i'm so many steps removed from anyone who knows it's only slightly funny. But again I'll forward the info to people that should know who to forward it to or at least who knows someone else nearer to where it should go!!! Sorry I did read the webmail bit, but I must have been glazing over or skim-reading if I missed other good suggestions. Actually that's not entirly true but I won't hold you nice people up with any more babling :-) .edit. In case it's not obvious, I think you can say this is resolved, I've done all I can and so have you :-) Cheers again
  6. Saipem

    Work email blocked!

    Cool, thanks for the help, will forward the details to people that should be sorting it out. But out of interest, there sould be some kind of suggestions in the faq for the IT iliterate peon's like myself who have no choice of what to do (I don't have access to other email addresses, and some things basically have to be communicated by email) and have no control over our email systems. Cheers again.
  7. Hi, OK simple quick question, how am I supposed to deal with my work email being blocked by spam corp? Considering i have no access to webbased emails at work (hotmail etc all blocked) The admin for the server in question ( is in the companies HQ in Italy (I work in the UK, emails all routed through gateway in italy). And by the time they do anything the 27 hours of blocking will have elapsed (takes them a month to hire someone, I doubt they'll sort this out within 24 hours). (I have contacted our UK IT department.. can you spell "chocolate teapot"?) But at the same time a lot of my job requires email and I really can't cope with the lottery of every email that goes through that gateway (we have many, or at least I assume so as not all my mails to the client that uses spamcorp have been blocked) Also it seems strange to me that we should be blocked when we are a company, anyone that actually tryed to send spam through that gateway would get fired?! Not to mention if we were serious spammers all our gateways would be blocked. BTW, sorry if any (or all!) of my terminology is wrong.